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A portrait of Keith Haring from 1985 is one of more than 30 portraits of artists and gallery owners from that era in a new show of older work by Jeannette Montgomery Barron. Photo by Jeannette Montgomery Barron

Falling in Love Again with Faces From the Past

A retrospective of Jeannette Montgomery Barron’s portraits from the 1980s is at the Patrick Parrish Gallery in New York City at 50 Lespinard St. until April  18. 

Low-key yet charismatic and powerful, Montgomery Barron moved to New York City from Atlanta, Ga., in the 1980s and quickly became part of the art and party scene, spending her evenings with Bianca Jagger, Willem Dafoe and others who helped make that era so lively and memorable.

Her photo portraits of artists and gallery owners are at the center of this retrospective show of her work. 

Current work can be seen at the gallery space she shares in Kent, Conn., with her husband, James Barron. 

To learn more about the show go to www.patrickparrish.com; to see newer work by Montgomery Barron, go to www.jeannettemontgomerybarron.com. Call ahead to find out if the gallery is closed due to coronavirus concerns.

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