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‘Country Come to Town’ at Standard Space

Courtney Childress has curated a show at the Standard Space gallery on the Green in Sharon, Conn., that celebrates  country life and its intersection with city life.

Childress is from the South, and recalls that when she moved to New York City, “I immediately toned down my accent, wore less color, and tried to assimilate.

“At this moment, I want to embrace localism and where many of us come from, letting our country-fried flag fly. For this show at Standard Space, I wanted to bring together a group of artists making work highlighting this attitude.”

The artists are Natalie Baxter, Todd Bienvenu, Poppy DeltaDawn,Kady Grant, Michael Hambouz, Roxanne Jackson, Rebecca Morgan and Deja Patterson.

The show remains at Standard Space until Nov.14, with visits by appointment only. Call or email to 917-627-3261 and info@standardspace.net.

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