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Kent April 15, 2021

Heat, beach, summer, freedom all glow from the canvas in Sophie Treppendahl’s “Swimming in the Yuba,” featured in the Kenise Barns Fine Art gallery show in Kent, Conn., called “We’ve all gone to look for America.” Courtesy of Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Kent, Conn.

Looking for America, For Love, for Innocence

Kenise Barns, director of Kenise Barnes Fine Art in Kent, Conn., describes the inspiration for a show at her gallery until May 1: “The exhibition title is taken from the well-loved Simon and Garfunkel ballad recounting a bus trip across America, and the hours spent looking out the window as the landscapes slide by.

A new show of work by Glenn Kaino at MASS MoCA talks about conflict, struggle and activism. One part of the exhibit shows the breakup of the Shadow V, destroyed by the IRA, with “debris” from the bombing reimagined as small ships. Photo courtesy MASS MoCA​

Kaino’s Multimedia ‘In the Light of A Shadow’ Now at MASS MoCA

Often, art work that has a social message is so abstract that it’s hard to find a place in.

The work of Glenn Kaino, which is featured in a new show at MASS MoCA that opened April 3, is concrete and accessible while also commenting on the world and the hopes, struggles, dreams, successes and failures of the humans who inhabit it.

Pupusas, an essential food for the people of El Salvador, are also an important part of the cuisine of New England. Find out how to make them and learn about some of the unexpected ethnic foods that are “New England classics” in a free Zoom talk on April 14 with Cynthia Hochswender and Meg Muckenhoupt. Photo by Cynthia Hochswender

Hidden Secrets (and Favorite Foods) of Old New England

Connecticut counts as part of New England but most of the foods that are considered Typical New England Cooking are, pretty much, rarely-if-ever served here. Pot roast, perhaps. But brown bread and baked beans? Not so much.


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