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Visit some of the iconic Norman Rockwell holiday paintings at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass. Included in the collection is “Community Supper,” which was a 1958 illustration for the Farming Tractor Calendar of the Ford Motor Company.  Image courtesy Norman Rockwell Museum

Rediscovering the Traditions Of the Holiday Season

The Southern Berkshires, more than any other place in the world, evoke a Norman Rockwell kind of holiday season because, of course, Rockwell lived here and often painted scenes of Stockbridge, Mass., where he lived and worked, and which is the site of  the Norman Rockwell Museum. 

Potter Jane Herold is using a converted chicken coop as her workshop,
now that she is living and working full time in Cornwall, Conn. Visitors can buy
her work in another former farm building, above, next to her home and studio. 
Photo by Jennifer May

Pottery so Beautiful, You Could Eat Off It

Two essential questions always arise when you see beautiful pottery dishware: Can you eat off it and can you put it in the dishwasher?

With Jane Herold’s work, it’s never an issue. 

Gingerbread houses don’t have to only be houses. Brittany Hrabcsak’s award-winning North Pole recreation was one of the highlights of the
2019 Gingerbread Festival in Kent, Conn. 
Photo by Lans Christensen​

Gingerbread Festivals in Two Area Towns

Gingerbread houses can be fun and simple or over-the-top elaborate; you can bake the cookies from your own dough and assemble them yourself or you can buy any of a dozen or so easy-to-find gingerbread kits. 

No matter how you get there, it’s all fun — and what evokes childhood fantasy more than being able to eat a house? 

What looks like a Great Master-style painting peeks out from behind a cascade of drapery at an antiques store in Rome in a new collection of photos and musings about the Italian capital by photographer Jeannette Montgomery Barron and writer Andre Aciman. Photo by Jeannette Montgomery Barron​

Truly a ‘Dream’ Vacation: Whiling Away the Hours in Rome

You don’t need to be reminded at this point that domestic travel is difficult (and becoming more difficult) and that foreign travel is, literally, impossible.

“Continuance” by Eric Forstmann is one of the works represented by Eckert Fine Art Gallery + Consulting, which will now be on the campus of MASS MoCA in North Adams, Mass. Photo courtesy Eckert Fine Art​

Eckert Moves Her Gallery From Kent, Conn., to the Berkshires

Jane Eckert and her Eckert Fine Art Gallery + Consulting represents some of the most famous artists of our time,  but here in the Tri-state area she is particularly known as the exclusive agent for Sharon, Conn., beloved painter Eric Forstmann. 


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