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Sculptor Robert Adzema makes monumental sundials for public spaces — and smaller-scale versions for private gardens, such as this one, Arc of the Sun, made of bronze. Photo by Robert Adzema

Finding Your ‘Home,’ With a Sundial

Last year I journeyed to West Cornwall, Conn., to visit the celebrated ceramic artist Jane Herold at her home and studio. She was a delight and the tour of her studio was wonderful in and of itself — but an added bonus was the chance to meet her husband, the sculptor Robert Adzema.

Paula Shalan is one of the artists participating in the Berkshire
Pottery Tour on Sept. 25 and 26. Photo by Paula Shalan

Two Pottery Tours in Tristate Region

Tours of pottery and ceramic studios are coming up in the Tristate region at the end of September and beginning of October.

The first of the two, the Berkshire Pottery Tour, will be the weekend of Sept. 25-26 in Southern Berkshire County. 

Damien Lewis, at far right, was one of the young stars of “Band of Brothers.” Photo from IMDB

Band of Brothers, Generation Kill: Thank You for Your Service

If I asked you to name some great war movies, you could likely rattle off a half dozen without much thinking. But TV does not dramatize war very often or very well. We do have Ken Burns’ fine documentary “The Vietnam War,” but I can think of only two miniseries worth mentioning here; each depicts a very different war.

Donald Bracken has curated a show of work at Five Points in Torrington, Conn., by himself and five other artists remembering the New York attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Photo of work by Don Bracken

An Artist Whose Studio Was in The North Tower Muses on 9/11

Donald Bracken now lives in Cornwall, Conn., but in the late 1990s he was living in New York City and working as an artist in a building that most of us think of as being largely dedicated to finance: The North Tower of the World Trade Center. 

“Elm Street, 1978, Oblong Valley,CT”

Tom Zetterstrom of North Canaan, Conn., is more than just a photographer of trees and more than just a specialist in preserving and maintaining tree health. He is both. Learn more this month at his show and workshops at the Berkshire Botanical Gardens. Photo by Tom Zetterstrom

Photographs That Are Lovely, Dark and Deep

It’s easy to take Tom Zetterstrom of North Canaan, Conn., for granted. He’s always there, working hard to protect the trees of our landscape (especially the elms). He doesn’t really ask for our help, he just …gets to it. 


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