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Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Discover Kent 2011

Those of us who have lived in the Northwest Corner for many years tend to forget that Kent is a quaint rural town, just like the other five towns that join it in the Region One School District. Once one has been here a while, Kent takes on a special luster, a greater sophistication.

Fall Improvements 2011

Improvements can come in all kinds of ways, from building a porch to cutting flowers for the dining room table. Looking ahead is one improvement Karen Bartomioli favors. Michael Marciano likes to see local history pre-served. For Dick Paddock, a roof that will last forever and will repel moss and other kinds of flora is his idea of a big improvement. Getting sound advice on remodeling kitchens is the way to start a complex and expensive improvement, Shaw Israel Izikson figures; and Asher Pavel makes the case for remodeling what you have rather than investing in a new house. We pass all this along in the hopes that you will be aided in your own improvements.
— Marsden Epworth, editor

Summertime 2011

In summer we have the time and inclination to visit historic and beautiful places, attend a jazz festival, perhaps, run out and try a new ice cream flavor or just take a drive. With the dog. We hope you enjoy this beautiful season and can pick up a few ideas from our “Summertime.”