Today is another hot and humid day in a summer that has seen many of them. Despite recent rains, the rivers remain low and the sun is bright and my garden still thirsts for rain. Some folks like it hot and muggy but I am not one of them. Today is the kind of day I wish I were at the beach, rather than in a room without air conditioning.

Actually, my garden is doing well this summer because I have carefully weeded and watered it and all that warm sunshine is making my vegetables grow with vigor. The dry weather also means there is less powdery mildew on the leaves of the wild...

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Technology update — space and aviation

Like with most things, if you keep an eye on the most advanced processes and product, you can better plan for the future. You watch cooking shows to advance your knowledge even if, currently, some of those skills and tastes are a bit ahead of where you are. You watch NASCAR or Formula 1 even though the thought of reprogramming your car’s computer sends you into a sweat. Why do we want to know about things we can’t currently do? Because only by learning what’s to come can we plan for our own future or enjoyment.

The untrained marathon, in one runner’s experience

I’m here to tell you what the mainstream running media doesn’t want you to hear, like a cool older sibling, buying alcohol for your high school party — equally ill advised, but less illegal: of course you can run a marathon without training, the question is really should you do it?


Be prepared: School is (almost) in session

Back to school — it’s a time of excitement, anticipation, anxiety, aggravation and stress. For children and parents alike, back to school means so many things.

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 8-29-19

Event for an important cause

Colton’s XXXtraordinarY Cause is a 501(C)3 nonprofit that launched in June, 2016, the inspiration being our son Colton, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome, 48XXXY, when he was 10 months old. 

Through our own experience of raising Colton, we quickly learned how significant the lack of awareness is, not only in the general population, but also in the medical community, and how minimal the funding is for research of rare diseases and syndromes. 

Pride and appreciation

I would like to thank all of you patriotic readers who demonstrate your appreciation of the freedoms accorded us by the sacrifice of time, blood, sweat and tears of those protecting our country’s safety and our freedoms.

To those of you who choose love and success of country over today’s excessive vitriol and hatred, thank you.

To those of you who respect our great American flag, thank you.

To those of you who adorn our local streets on patriotic occasions with hundreds of our American flags, thank you.

The Amazon and Sahara

I  do not know why there is still a question of why the Amazon is important. The millions of unknown species that are there, the value of the carbon held there instead of released into the atmosphere, the need for the water flow for life and Atlantic Ocean wildlife ... the list of critical life-giving factors is almost endless even before you throw the silly slogan “lungs of the earth” at it.

NYC police deaths open suicide conversation

Those living with mental illness often have a difficult time dealing with the world. Their minds may not be well, and they can’t always reason or use logic to make sense of that which is admittedly a topsy-turvy world. It can be a painful existence. In extreme cases of mental illness, sufferers might hurt themselves or hurt others.

You will be flying in the 737 MAX, like it or not!

There is a shortage of aircraft. Demand outstrips free seats and all those 737 MAX planes will be going back into service. So, it may help to know what’s being done and, more importantly, what mistakes were made to create the issues in the first place. Two crashes later, Boeing and the whole aviation industry is learning lessons on what not to do, starting with one big lesson: take your time, don’t look for what’s wrong, make sure everything is right.