Today is another hot and humid day in a summer that has seen many of them. Despite recent rains, the rivers remain low and the sun is bright and my garden still thirsts for rain. Some folks like it hot and muggy but I am not one of them. Today is the kind of day I wish I were at the beach, rather than in a room without air conditioning.

Actually, my garden is doing well this summer because I have carefully weeded and watered it and all that warm sunshine is making my vegetables grow with vigor. The dry weather also means there is less powdery mildew on the leaves of the wild...

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Dangers of believing direct-to-consumer drug advertisements

Direct to consumer (DTC) prescription drug ads in magazines, radio and TV are banned in every country but the United States and New Zealand. 

Letter to the Editor - The Millerton News– 10-3-19

A change is needed

I am writing this letter to inform the taxpayers that a change is greatly needed. Unfortunately, like most people, I did not pay attention to town politics until it affected me personally. 

I have been down to the Town Hall on several occasions for a problem concerning an illegal house and runoff from an improper driveway that was ruining my property. After filing a formal complaint, they were forced to comply and look into the matter. This is still ongoing and has been for over two years. 

Recycling Q&A

Part 2


There’s a lot of talk about mindfulness these days, and I think these folks are onto something. Like practicing doing things with intention instead of just by habit. Take recycling, not the sexiest of tasks, but one that can improve your “look” on the local and global scene. 

People don’t want to know


Remember to register to vote or remain silent

We’ve written about it before, and we’ll write about it again: the importance of voting. It’s a critical component of our democracy, and come Tuesday, Sept. 24, would-be voters can register during National Voter Registration Day.

It’s actually a holiday endorsed  by the National Association of Secretaries of State, supported by the National Association of State Election Directors, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission and the National Association of Election Officials. It’s not a partisan day. 

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News- 9-19-19

Cope deserves another term as town clerk

Lisa Cope is seeking a third term as town clerk on the Republican Party line and the Friends and Neighbors line. 

Lisa, her husband Gary, with their children have been residents of the town of North East for the past 14 years. Lisa has volunteered to help her children’s school over the years. Currently she is the treasurer of the Booster Club, volunteers as a docent at the Friends of the Irondale School and is a member the North East Historical Society.