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Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol by Jeanette Montgomery Barron Photo courtesy the artist

When JMB Met JMB

These days the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat is so prevalent — Basquiat-branded phone cases, skateboards, BE@RBRICK collectible toys, even t-shirts at Abercrombie & Fitch — it's hard to imagine a time, before his estate decided to sell-out and cash-in, that the gay Black young man was an artist who spoke for tho

The Lives of The Party

Looking at the New York dance hall days captured by photographer Laura June Kirsch in her debut monograph “Romantic Lowlife Fantasies: Emerging Adults in The Age of Hope” it’s hard not to think of a certain 2006 electro house classic by the French EDM duo Justice.

A Wealth of Inspiration

Sasha is in trouble. In Jenny Jackson's debut novel "Pineapple Street" the thirtysomething has moved to the "fruit district" of the pricey Brooklyn Heights neighborhood in New York City, just below Orange and Cranberry Street, via a seemingly benevolent real estate windfall.

Kate McLaughlin Photo by Alexander Wilburn

Stories of A Girl

Teenage Dylan wakes up to a parent's nightmare — she’s in an apartment in New York City’s Hamilton Heights that she’s never been to before, she’s in bed with a boy she doesn’t recognize, she tastes alcohol on her breath but doesn’t remember drinking, and she’s been missing for days.

Photo courtesy Penguin Random House

American Appetite

New York journalist Alex Prud’homme knows a thing or two about food. His great aunt, culinary icon Julia Child, brought French cuisine to the American kitchen, and their co-authored book “My Life in France” helped inspire the film "Julie & Julia" by Nora Ephron.

Photo courtesy of Melville House

In Historical Fiction, the Rebels of a Scots Saga

In  his new novel “Jamie MacGillivray: The Renegade’s Journey,” Academy Award-nominated screenwriter John Sayles (“Passion Fish,” “Lone Star”) takes fans of historical fiction on a bloody, decade-spanning romantic odyssey from the blockbuster-style Jacobite battle scenes of the Scottish Highlands to the 18th century colonies of The New World.


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