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One of the joys of Jeeves is that most of the titles are reissued periodically, so that you can collect multiple versions of your favorites. Photo by Cynthia Hochswender​

Why We Love Wodehouse

Every autumn I reread old favorites from Robert Parker, Rex Stout, Eric Ambler. 

And P.G. Wodehouse.

It’s hard to find a writer with a better grasp of the language than Wodehouse. 

For example:

Hardly anybody walks or comes into a room.

In Wodehouse World, they ankle, or sidle, or charge, or curvet.

Peter Lerman, who now sports a full beard, will talk about the art and commerce of audiobooks on Aug. 31. Photo from www.lermanvo.com

Everything You Want To Know About Audiobooks

If you want to hear Peter Lerman’s raspy, folksy delivery as an accomplished audiobooks narrator you can easily go to his website at www.lermanvo.com. There he promises “the truth and nothing but the truth” — as he specializes in nonfiction (and has done the audio recording for nearly 100 books).

This year’s book sale at the Norfolk Library in Norfolk, Conn., is expected to be bigger than ever, with extra inventory that wasn’t sold during last summer’s COVID-19 quarantine. Photo courtesy Norfolk Library

Books Galore at One of the Summer’s Few Library Sales

The world hasn’t really fully emerged from the COVID-19 quarantine yet. One way you can tell: There have been almost no library book sales this summer. 

The annual sale at the stately library in Norfolk, Conn., is an exception and the sale promises to be even bigger than normal: 


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