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Back in the dark ages of the Eisenhower administration, the newly affluent popular culture was introduced to fads: coonskin caps, hula hoops and joy buzzers. Remember joy buzzers? The comedy of cruelty on the playground.

It’s just fate

So, you think you are a clear headed, flinty-eyed rationalist, do you? You think that all we need for the universe to give up the rest of its secrets is a more powerful telescope, a bigger particle collider, some fancier math theorems, and we will have it knocked. No more mysteries for the human race.


If you wish to drag me up in front of a House Un-American Sporting Committee and accuse me of harboring unnatural thoughts against the American Sports Scene, I will not protest and will go quietly, canceled bleacher ticket in hand.

You see, I am not a fan of post-seasons.

Stoned again

The Biblical precursor to our game of football was a game called Stones. Somehow the editors of the King James version missed the reference to the game, but we football coaches picked it up some time in the distant past; and it explains a good deal of the strange goings on in our game.

Going downhill fast

I’ve always been a fan of Sisyphus; I mean who couldn’t be? The dude gets condemned to a death time of useless labor, and he sticks with it.  Kinda like playing for the Orioles for all eternity but still batting .300 for the career. Heroic, even.

Olympic shoot-out

Well now, how did the recent Olympics go for you? Did you dive into the U.S. Water polo team? Did you shake a stick for the men’s field hockey final? Get bored with the skate boarding?

Be stoic about it

Ancient wisdom doesn’t die; it just shows up at your favorite sports venue.

The latest example was offered by a woman named Sydney McLaughlin at the United States Track and Field Trials.

Don’t bet on it!

Unless you have been having a Rip Van Winkle experience for the last 20 years, you might have noticed that betting on sporting events has changed from a social no-no to a major income source for some rather large corporations.


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