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Bee-leave it

Joe and Sam are two long time bleacher buddies at Truist Park, the home field of the Atlanta Braves. Joe was sitting with his military grade binoculars, which he was using to watch the warm-ups when Sam arrived with a huge container of ballpark food.

“Whatcha got there? “ asked Joe.

Soap opera

I don’t watch regular soap operas; I don’t have to. If I want to get my fill of scandal, cheating and general chicanery, I just turn on the sports channel.

Dust ’em up

Recently, I was watching a Mets/Diamondbacks game out in Phoenix when the Mets pitcher, Marcus Stroman, and one of the Rattlers got to jawing at each other. Now the Diamondbacks are what I call an HCT (Historically Challenged Team), and they were playing in a home ballpark that seemed to have more New York fans than Phoenix fans.

No zombies

These days, there seem to be a flock of fellas trying to figure out how they can futz around and fix the fine old game we know as baseball. You can figure what grade this old teacher assigns to this forgettable effort, can’t you?

Mutts and outcasts

Some unkind if accurate person, I don’t remember who at the moment, labeled America as a “country of mutts and outcasts.” If that is so, then I reply, “Arf Arf. That’s why I root for the “underdog.”

No No to the No-No

In all the rest of the world, a “No-No” is a very serious negative. It’s what the frightened mother yells to her toddler who thinks that hanging out with the stove, literally, is a really good idea.

Three and out

As we all know, baseball is a game of threes: three strikes, three outs, three bases. Even the game is three squared innings. So if you want to be a well informed batter, you have to know the three types of pitchers and go up to the plate conclusion in mind.

Baseball politics

There are some politically obsessed people who claim to believe that the terms conservative and liberal are purely political terms and have something to do with which party one tends to vote in agreement with come November.

Baseball oddities

Chevrolet is currently running an ad which uses a voice over of James Earl Jones doing his “Baseball” speech from Field of Dreams in which he calls baseball, “The one constant through all the years.” It is a fine speech, given in that Jonesean rumble that no one else has ever duplicated.


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