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Going downhill fast

I’ve always been a fan of Sisyphus; I mean who couldn’t be? The dude gets condemned to a death time of useless labor, and he sticks with it.  Kinda like playing for the Orioles for all eternity but still batting .300 for the career. Heroic, even.

Olympic shoot-out

Well now, how did the recent Olympics go for you? Did you dive into the U.S. Water polo team? Did you shake a stick for the men’s field hockey final? Get bored with the skate boarding?

Be stoic about it

Ancient wisdom doesn’t die; it just shows up at your favorite sports venue.

The latest example was offered by a woman named Sydney McLaughlin at the United States Track and Field Trials.

Don’t bet on it!

Unless you have been having a Rip Van Winkle experience for the last 20 years, you might have noticed that betting on sporting events has changed from a social no-no to a major income source for some rather large corporations.

What’s in your clubhouse?

The topic of the baseball summer is, “What’s wrong with the Yankees and who needs to be fired?” 

The owner says the general manager is fine; the general manger says the manager is doing all he can. The result? It must be the player’s fault. But you can’t fire a whole team. So where’s the problem?

Conjure this…

Ah yes, the Fourth of July, a date, the Bard might have said, to be conjured with. It is a time of hamburger hangovers, fireworks flash ups and backyard bashes. Not to mention celebrating the birth of a country, a minor detail.

Bee-leave it

Joe and Sam are two long time bleacher buddies at Truist Park, the home field of the Atlanta Braves. Joe was sitting with his military grade binoculars, which he was using to watch the warm-ups when Sam arrived with a huge container of ballpark food.

“Whatcha got there? “ asked Joe.


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