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The better way to drive

What is it about human beings that makes us think we can do all kinds of relatively dangerous things without repercussions? Is it some quirk of nature that helps us to continue to evolve? Because really, we’re only human and so vulnerable, despite our many strengths.

Maybe it’s that we have to keep pushing ourselves, and each time we do that and succeed, we think it will always work out all right. But all it takes is one time, one careless moment, one misstep, to change everything in one’s life.

This is what we all need to remember when we think about texting (or eating, drinking, grabbing something from the back seat, reading directions, etc.) while driving. Let’s face it , it’s simply dangerous to remove one’s attention from the road while driving. If we as human beings had a better sense of our vulnerabilities in such situations, there wouldn’t need to be laws to try to stop us from doing these things when we’re driving.

Lakeville’s Bob Green has enlightened thousands of young (and older) drivers with his program, SurviveTheDrive, which he takes around to high schools to help new drivers develop good habits behind the wheel. He recently gave his presentation at Housatonic Valley Regional High School and has been at schools throughout the Tri-state region and the country. His message is clear: Be in control while driving. Green calls careless, multitasking driving “Driving While Oblivious†(DWO) and says it results in driver error in 93 percent of all crashes.

Green should know. Besides being deeply involved in automotive safety, he is a 16-year master instructor for the Skip Barber Racing School and drives the safety/pace car for all the major events at Lime Rock Park.

Let’s follow his advice and try to be alert, rather than oblivious, while driving, avoiding texting and other distractions. (For more on Bob Green’s excellent program, go to survivethedrive.org.)

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