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Town Board adopts ’21 Budget

AMENIA — Following a detailed process to develop next year’s fiscal plan while taking into account the constraints resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town Board adopted the 2021 Budget at its meeting on Thursday, Nov. 19.

Board members convened via video conference due to the pandemic, live streaming their meeting to the “Amenia-TV” YouTube channel for the public to watch from the comfort of their homes. 

In her report, town Supervisor Victoria Perotti announced that the 2021 Adopted Budget’s town tax levy per 1,000 is 2.12202, indicating an increase of 0.14789 from the 2020 tax levy per thousand of 1.97413. She stated that this is an increase in the budget of approximately 0.07%. Including the town’s highway expenses, the amount to be raised by taxes has been calculated at $1,831,710. Perotti explained that the Town Board reviewed each line in the budget to reduce as much as it could and still be able to pay expenses.

“The town budget was hampered by the fact that we will receive less revenue due to COVID-19’s devastating effect on sales tax revenue and state revenue,” Perotti said. “In order to keep the increase as low as we could, we are using $275,000 of fund balance in the General Fund; $50,000 fund balance in the Highway Fund; and $15,000 fund balance in the Water Fund.”

Adding the general and highway funds together, total appropriations for next year’s budget have been calculated at $2,849,569 while the amount to be raised by taxes has been calculated at $1,831,710. According to the resolution for the budget, the tax levy imposed for town taxes totals $1,831,710.

As the meeting’s first resolution of the night, the Town Board unanimously voted to adopt the 2021 Budget, which can now be found online, at www.ameniany.gov.

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