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Lessons from the election

2008, USA, Alternate universe.

Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona)  is running for president. He shakes up the election by running this ad:

Remembering the service of the 296th, and all WWII veterans

Nearly 74 years ago in Mississippi, several hundred young men, mostly from New England and many only 18, 19 or 20 years old, who until a week before had been civilians, clamored out of old dirty railroad cars in which they had been riding on a circuitous two-day route from Fort Devens, Mass.

They were lined up, greeted by army sergeants and officers, packed into trucks and taken to Camp Shelby. There they were told that they were now members of a new army unit, the 296th Engineer Combat Battalion.

Being president does not mean a free pass

Donald Trump is president-elect.

Despite the fact that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton received the most popular votes, Trump garnered the most electoral votes from the Electoral College.

No street protest can change that. No internet petition can change that. No social media meme can change that. 

The guardian angel for America’s motorists

America’s motorists are less safe today with the passing of their guardian angel — engineer/lawyer Clarence Ditlow, the director of the Center for Auto Safety. The generating force behind the recalls of millions of defective motor vehicles, Ditlow pressured the federal auto safety agency and the auto companies with meticulous advocacy that was technically deep and morally powerful.

Hillary’s hubris cost her the Electoral College win

Donald Trump broke almost all the rules in his successful pursuit of the presidency. But Clinton broke some too, and her rule-breaking proved fatal.  

She lost because she showed disdain for Trump’s supporters instead of trying to attract some of them. (The “deplorables” remark was about as deplorable as it gets.)  And it turned out her strategy was pretty awful for so seasoned a politician, while his strategy, while mocked by many, worked.

The 2016 national election: thoughts and consequences

Like most political liberals, I am appalled at the election of Donald Trump as president and the potential for demagogy it represents. How could this have happened? The answer is multi-faceted, of course, but I hope that we will take a minute to examine our own actions and attitudes.

Silk thread in Winsted

The opening of Far East ports increased the availability of raw silk and America was one of the largest consumers of manufactured silk. In 1747, Jonathan Law, Connecticut’s then governor, reportedly wore the first coat and stockings made from New England silk, and three years later his daughter wore the first dress made from domestic silk.  Beginning in 1874, Winsted was widely recognized in the silk industry. 

The silver linings of Silver-Tongued Donald

Are there any silver liningsto the tumultuous, degrading, sordid presidential campaign of Donald Trump — a failed gambling czar, corporate welfare king and supreme hypocrite to his own accusations about others?

Yes. Here are seven:

Police department needs narcotics officer

Over the past year, the Winchester Police Department has made significant inroads in combating the persistent drugs and narcotics problem in Winsted.

The department has also stepped up its game by training its officers to use Narcan for accidental overdoses and installing a prescription drug drop-off box in the department’s headquarters.

Also, throughout the year the department has made significant arrests pertaining to drug dealing and possession.

The department should be commended for its work in making the town a safer place.