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Climate change down on the farm

Dear EarthTalk: How are farms and farmers dealing with climate change?

Michael Harris

Lorton, Va.


Agriculture may well be one of the industries hardest hit by the effects of global warming. The non-profit Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a leading environmental advocacy group, reports that warming-related drought and flooding is already behind tens of billions of dollars in American agricultural losses annually. 

Another president went directly to the people, but did it right

Very early in his administration, the president decided he had to find a way to get around the mainstream media and appeal directly to the people. He succeeded better than most, including the current awkward practitioner of the art.

John F. Kennedy had been in office for only a few days when, on Jan. 25, 1961, he became the first American president to hold a live, televised news conference. His predecessor, President Eisenhower, had done some filmed news conferences, but he insisted on White House approval before any exchange could be broadcast. 

Early Winsted grocery stores

Gilbert A. Hart Grocery & Crockery, located in a building that later became Moore & Alvord Realty on 690 Main St., was typical of many of Winsted’s early grocery stores. The business was named after its proprietor, who was active in civic affairs, it carried basic and specialty food items, fresh produce was displayed in wooden bushel baskets or crates, white-aproned clerks served customers, deliveries were made in horse-drawn wagons, and it was a “cash grocery,” i.e. no credit was extended to customers. 

Letter to the Editor - Millerton News - 6-9-17

Honoring many on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is here and we gratefully and somberly recall the sacrifices that our soldiers have made throughout the decades and up to the present day to keep our country safe; freely sacrificing and giving up their own lives in the process.

Trump foolish pulling out of Paris Climate Accord

On Thursday, June 1, President Donald J. Trump announced that America would be pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.

The agreement was originally adopted by countries within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in December 2015  at a meeting in Paris.

A total of 196 countries all over the world, including members of the European Union, signed onto the agreement.

End the greedy silence — enough already!

It is time Americans rise up against the corruption, inefficiency, and cruelty of our health care system and tell its corporate captors and Congress — enough already!

For decades other countries have guaranteed universal health insurance for all their people, at lower costs and better outcomes (President Truman proposed it 72 years ago in the United States). When are we going to break out of this taxpayer-subsidized prison built by the giant insurance companies, drug goliaths and monopolizing hospital chains?

The left/right challenge to the failed ‘war on drugs’

More and more conservatives and liberals, from the halls of Congress to people in communities across the country, are agreeing that the so-called “war on drugs” needs serious rethinking.

Freedom of Assembly and Speech in the Age of Trump: A learnable lesson for 2017?

Part 2 of 2


The following is a relevant, personal, cautionary tale from that time of McCarthyism and the Red Scare. In the 1950s, I got to know Princeton Professor J. Robert Oppenheimer (of Manhattan Project fame). A statistical wizard, he was quite a baseball fan and came to many a university game. Out of the blue one day, he asked me, “Would you please teach my 12-year-old daughter, Toni, how to play baseball?”