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Letters to the Editor - Winsted Journal - 6-30-17

Patriots welcome

On Tuesday, July 4, our great nation will celebrate Independence Day, a watershed in human history. This is the day in which America not only declared her independence, but set us off on the path toward a more just and free society.  

This is a day worth celebrating, not just with flags, food and fireworks, but with an appreciation for the Declaration of Independence itself, which is the great, basic document that freed our country and declared that “all men are created equal.” 

Freedom requires a declaration

Nations are created by civil strife, military rebellion, acts of heroism and acts of treachery. The origin of the United States included them all. This was unique, not only in its impact on the course of world history and the growth of democracy, but also because it all started in one document: the Declaration of Independence.

Graduates: Time to make the world a better place

On Friday, June 23, both Northwestern Regional High School and The Gilbert School held their commencement ceremonies, sending out members of the class of 2017 into the world.

At both ceremonies there was a sense of optimism because the graduating seniors all completed their long journey by earning a high school diploma.

For the graduates, now comes a whole new journey of adulthood and dealing with responsibilities, including finding employment or earning a college degree and moving on with their lives.

Earth-friendly alcohol

Dear EarthTalk: What’s the latest in greener booze? Are there any good organic beers, wines or liquors out there?

Mike Richardson

Norwalk, Ohio


Perhaps no other industry has responded to the greening of consumer preferences quite like beverage producers. From wine to beer to spirits, greener choices made from local and organic ingredients and packaged in lighter-weight containers abound. Indeed, getting a buzz on has never felt so good.

A big lie in a small newspaper that launched McCarthyism

Dick Ahles

On Feb. 10, 1950, a West Virginia daily newspaper innocently printed what may have been the biggest lie up to that time in modern American history. This big lie in that small paper endures because it taught the politically ambitious that a big lie or two could take you far, like the more recent big lie about the birthplace of a president that paved the teller’s way to his own presidency.

Residents should approve Lambert Kay proposal

And so here we are again, after all these years, the town considering yet another proposal for the former Lambert Kay building, located at 32 Lake St.

Winsted residents have been through this before, over and over again so many times, with prospective suitors submitting proposals to repurpose the property.

And, over and over again for many years, residents and town officials had to deal with bitter disappointment due to the fact that each proposal fell through for various reasons.

Letter to the Editor - Winsted Journal - 6-23-17

Thanks for Earth Day help

There is an adage, “Better late than never,” which I am going to put to the test. 

Trump: Dumping more prosecutors?

The turmoil inside the Trump White House is much more intense than the media is reporting. Palaces of intrigue, under perceived siege by political and law enforcement adversaries, tend to boil inward before they burst outward.

One of the most perilous decisions for Trump is how far will he go in firing prosecutors looking into his murky dealings past and present. Already he has fired former FBI Director James Comey, who just testified before the Senate flanked by several of his loyal FBI agents in the front seats of the hearing room.