Veteran's Corner

Time honored traditions

It’s that time of year again. The mid-November mornings crisp and cold. Exhaled breaths can be seen as vapor. Leaves that had turned crimson and gold now carpet the forest floor. A long-awaited reunion for we Rounders of Riga, initially founded in 1954 by six WWII veterans, later expanding to eight and finally 12, intent to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday civilian life.

The reunion

I don’t want to be here — yet I do. I avoid crowds and congestion. Bad things can happen in crowds. But — I’m back for the sixth or seventh consecutive year. It’s the Salisbury Central School’s Veterans Day event honoring Tri-state veterans and their service to country. The surrounding community is invited. A much appreciated, well organized and orchestrated event prepared by students, teachers and faculty. 

Our military and first responders

This old veteran, who served his country proudly, has these personal opinions to share with you: Today I constantly ask myself a simple question — What fools would be so crazy to join our military units, police forces or fire departments? All are overworked, most accept minimal or no pay and one is mostly under appreciated. 

Our American flag, presented to patriots and those who have fallen

It’s a late winter burial of iconic Naval Chief Bill Morrison, being buried beside his predeceased wife at Irondale Cemetery. He is to be accorded full military honors. The chief served his country for 20 years — much of it involving intense combat in South East Asia seas during WWII. 

Honorable justice: the Gallagher trial

Regarding the recent military court martial of Special Operations Naval Chief Eddie Gallagher and his subsequent acquittal of charges — this event wakened the fighting spirit in this old Vietnam veteran.

First: Junior Navy Seals brought charges against Chief Gallagher for murder (killing an enemy combatant ISIS fighter). High military command, including the Secretary of the Navy (SON), approved this court martial.