Grateful for response to membership campaign

In the short time since The Lakeville Journal and Millerton News published an invitation to readers to join a membership structure that will help take our publications forward into the future, we have been encouraged by the immediate and supportive response. 

We thank all who have chosen to contribute to the membership model. And we thank all of you who continue to read The Lakeville Journal, The Millerton News, Compass and all the publications that are created by our writers and staff over the course of the year.

Look elsewhere in the paper this week for a continuation of the questions we’ve been hearing from readers, along with answers. We are dedicated to being open with all who care to listen, about the financial status of The Lakeville Journal Company, and to continue to communicate with our readers with transparency. 

Our goal in putting out first the readers’ survey and then the proposal for a membership model, is to be open about the risk our publications are experiencing, so that if our initiatives don’t make the company viable, readers are not blindsided by either drastic changes or the closing of the company. This has happened in communities across the country, even here in the Tri-state region over the past 20 years, and we want to be up front with readers and give them the story straight.

Here we list the names of our new members, with deep gratitude for their support of the local journalism The Lakeville Journal and Millerton News produce now, and hope to continue to produce into the future for the next generation, however that publication will look as times continue to change.


Contributions through Nov. 18


Bear Mountain 

$5,000 or more

William G. Montgomery


Lake Wononscopomuc 




Brace Mountain


Shereen and Steve Berger

Jill and Derek Drew

Carol and Ted Kneeland

Alexandra Peters

Pamela Scott and Phil Balshi

Peter and Agneta Smith

Joan H. Wallace


Housatonic River


Stacy Bolton

Hank and Lauri Cardinali

Donald Connery

C. Arthur Eddy

Geoff and Michele Kalish

Robert Keiter

Charles J. Lemmen

Stephen and Katherine McCurdy

Sam Posey and Ellen Griesedieck

Donald and Helen Klein Ross

Barry and Helena Schuman

Barry F. Schwartz


Staying On Track

Up To $499


Janet and S.F. Accardo

Frederick L. Baldwin

W. Earl Brecher

Annette Cloney

Wilhelmina Eaken

Michael Eckert

Alfred and Joann Ivry

Cameron McClearn

Martha Nesbitt

Liz and Anthony Piel

Brent and Barbara Prindle

Peter Reyelt

Betty L. Ruddy

Sharon Democratic
Town Committee

Douglass Smith

Margaret Stearns

Heidi Truax