Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 9-12-19

Lime Rock report for Rep. Maria Horn

Dear Maria,

My personal observations/experiences from the Lime Rock Historic Festival follow:

Monday night, I went to The Black Rabbit with friends from Toronto. I ordered arugula salad and a bottle of wine, both unavailable. The manager said they were out because Sunday was the biggest day in their eight-year history. 

The next day, had lunch at Mountainside Café; they said Sunday was the biggest day in their sales history. 

A friend staying in Great Barrington couldn’t get dinner reservations at the Old Mill, John Andrews or the Swiss Hutte until 9:30 p.m. Our Friday Night Banquet served over 500 people.

Great Falls Brewing Co. sold record volume over our event weekend. Norbrook Brewery ran out of beer in Falls Village.

I received a picture including you at Noble Horizons, while the parade was going through. I hope you enjoyed viewing the 110 vintage cars. Parade sponsors were The Salisbury Bank, Nuvance Health (Sharon Hospital), Harney Real Estate and The Falls Village Inn. The Lakeville Hose Company and Falls Village Fire Department directed traffic. SWSA parked cars in Falls Village, which was completely packed. We made donations to each organization, and gave the parade entry fees, approximately $2,600, to the Corner Food Pantry in Lakeville.

Vintage cars practiced Friday, raced Saturday and Monday. The 197 race competitors were from 17 states, Canadian provinces, England and South America. The Sunday Concours included 800 participants from both U.S. coasts and Canada. The Concours winners were Ralph Lauren and The Revs Institute (given by the Collier Family of Collier County, Fla., and Palo Alto, Calif.). Judges came from New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina.

The national anthem performances featured Vassar College Acapella Club and Wanda Houston. The honor guard included Boy Scouts (Waterbury) and U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (Long Island). Stratford Eagle Squadron directed parking. The Boy Scouts collected 20,000 recyclables to fund summer camps. 

The Sharon Playhouse (“Nunsense”) performed Sunday. Heidi Truax (Trinity Church) gave a wonderful invocation. Governor Lamont waved the green flag.  

In addition to full-time staff, 119 people worked part-time during the event (from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan), along with 56 volunteers. Eighteen vendors came from Brooklyn, greater New  York, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., Wyoming, Delaware, Texas, Florida and Connecticut. Many patrons camped during the weekend, which has become tradition for families with children returning to school. 

The sweepstakes winner from Racer Magazine called looking for hotel accommodations. Everything was full from our list, so he ended up staying in Danbury. He had lots of company. We had a significant impact on hotels there as well as Hartford, Waterbury, Torrington and the Berkshires.

Five radio stations broadcasted from the track. NBC and ABC Television covered the event, as did a regional cable network. We had air-time on 15 radio stations in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

We don’t have final attendance numbers yet, but last year we had over 20,000 people here for the event weekend. This year should be comparable.


Skip Barber

Lime Rock


More Falls Village history

Kudos to Rob Buccino on his Aug. 29 Lakeville Journal letter to the editor on the facts of John Fitch’s garage and the invention of the highway barriers, but seeing how, Rob, you live next door … Do you remember the name of the garage, The Sprint? 

Also, Mr. Fitch was a car designer who made a prototype car from a Chevy Corvair, which he titled the Phoenix. It never made auto history, because of Ralph Nader’s crusade against GM and for safety reasons on the Corvair model, it ended production and the Corvair legacy.

But I believe the legacy continued, when the only Corvair Phoenix in existence sold at Motor Trend’s auction for $200,000 from the Fitch estate. 

And not far from the former garage, if you go under the railroad trestle to the big field as you get near the powerhouse, you will find an area that in the 1800s was at one time a fairground and a horse racetrack. 

I live in North Canaan now, but was reared in Falls Village.

Michael C. Parmalee

North Canaan


Jaw dropping requests for donations

Spare me yet another email “begging” me for donations, which includes any reference to jaw droppings. Our jaws dropped! This is jaw-dropping news! I am picking my up my jaw from the floor!

My double chin-cum-jowls are reminded of Telly Savalas in “Kojak”: “I’ll send him to Dannemora so fast, his BVD’s’ll have to take the next train.”

Rue the day when we all look like Mitch McConnell.

Lonnie Carter

Falls Village


There is a way to end this nightmare

There is a way to show the world that the U.S. will not continue its journey to replace democracy with authoritarianism.

We must vote out every silent and hypocritical congressional and Senate member that has allowed and encouraged this president to preside over the chaos that masquerades as governance.

Our job is to participate in our democracy and not be quiet, complicit partners in its dismantling. Each one of us must do whatever we can between now and election day, 2020 (donate, write letters, be active in a campaign.) And then we all must vote and elect leaders with the intellect, morality and strength of character to tackle the big issues facing our country and the world.

John Hoffman