Letter to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 9-5-19

Cell phone use while driving is rampant

I have been reading The Lakeville Journal Police Blotter every week for a long time and can only recall one instance of a motorist being ticketed for a cell phone violation.Yet, every week there are multiple incidents of people driving off the road and crossing lanes for no apparent reason. There is no question, to me, that many of these accidents are caused by distracted drivers on the phone. To their credit, Troop B is giving tickets for failure to maintain lanes but, apparently, not for cell phones.

As a daily bicycler and walker, I see up close how insane cell phone abuse has become. It’s a terrifying situation to have a texting driver veering off the road and heading straight for you, totally oblivious to where they even are. Innocent motorists are just as much at risk from distracted dopes drifting into their lane. It is easily safe to say that 30% of drivers are on the phone, if not more, and no one seems to be making any attempt to hide it. Statistically — and conservatively — there should be at least a half dozen or more cell phone violations in the blotter each week. 

Either Troop B is not ticketing cell phones, or they are and The Lakeville Journal is not reporting it. Which is it and why?

Kevin Godburn

North Canaan