Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — July 1919

LAKEVILLE — M.E. Snow of Norfolk has been appointed gasoline inspector in this section.


SHARON — Meredith Gillette is assisting at G.B. Klobe’s store during the summer.


CANAAN — Mrs. H.L. Ross has been visiting her sister in Bethel.


LAKEVILLE — Captain Theodore Kenyon and bride are occupying W.H. Kenyon’s residence on Main Street while the latter with his family is away on an extended auto tour.


These are the days when the fool who rocks the boat gets into the public prints.


Black raspberries are now ripe and are not a plentiful crop.


LAKEVILLE — The frame work and roof is now being placed at Dufour Bros. garage.


LIME ROCK — Miss Hazel Bownes is visiting in Sharon.


50 years ago — July 1969

A perfect night brought out a crowd of more than 6,500 young and old to Lime Rock Park to watch a spectacular 35-minute show executed with split-second timing and breath-taking to watch.


Toward the end of June, Dr. Harry J. Wieler of Lakeville told all his patients that he was going to retire as of July 1. Dr. Wieler, who will be 78 his next birthday, was born in Mt. Washington, Pa.


Two of Salisbury’s older citizens escaped fines on traffic offenses in Salisbury Circuit Court last Thursday when Judge Maurice Sponzo learned they had a combined driving record of more than 100 years without any court appearances. The defendants were Harriet Harrison of Lakeville and Harry Smith of Salisbury. Miss Harrison was accused of following another vehicle too closely and Mr. Smith of failure to drive to the right. In the latter’s case upon learning Mr. Smith had driven safely for 60 years, Judge Sponzo said: “I think safe driving like yours ought to be rewarded, so I will withhold imposition of any sentence. You are free to go and I hope you don’t come back into court for another 60 years.”


CORNWALL — Thirty-two members of the Hart family attended the Hart family reunion held at Housatonic State Meadows on Sunday June 29.


SALISBURY — Robert D. Burr was honored on July 4 for his 15 years of service as executive director of Camp Sloane in Lakeville.


25 years ago — July 1994

CANAAN — Spontaneous combustion was blamed for a blaze that summoned fire departments from Canaan and Falls Village just before 1 a.m. Monday to a farm on Sand and Boinay Hill roads. A pile of about 150 hay rolls stored at a dairy farm owned by Albert Giulian was threatened by a fire that began deep within one or more of the rolls. Fire Marshal Edward McGuire reported that they battled a similar fire at the Giulian farm last year, one that continued to reignite despite several return trips by firefighters.


Items first appeared in The Lakeville Journal.