On to the next great thing

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.”

— Anatole France


Life can seem more complicated at times of transition. While the stress of preparing for tests or finishing off projects can seem overwhelming, once all the dust has settled, planning for what might come next can seem more daunting than any of what came before.

For all the area graduates, some of whom are in the pages of this newspaper this week, some of whom were in them last week, this stage of their lives must surely be challenging as well as exciting. Whether stepping up to high school, or out of high school into college, a job, the military or a trade, what comes next is not easily defined. They are moving into a world they have not yet experienced themselves, so even with the help and support of the adults around them, there will be times they feel anxious and untethered.

This is to remind them that they have prepared well for the next step in their lives, and that many have gone before who will welcome them into their new ventures. They are not alone, even if they are going to places that are unfamiliar and populated with strangers. There will be friends  not now known who will make new experiences fresh and exciting, and the passion for following their new goals in life will bring them to places they cannot now imagine.

Here’s hoping they plan well enough to locate themselves where they can fulfill their dreams, while doing something they can defend and believe in every day.

All the best to every one of these graduates. Take a look at their hopeful and enthusiastic faces caught by Lakeville Journal photographers during their transitions. They are going on to the next step in their lives, and they deserve all the respect and support they can get from those around them. 

Let’s all welcome them to that next adventure, and try to make the transition easier than they might expect it to be.