Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 6-6-19

Find a church and go to it

I was in church last Sunday, where were you? And why weren’t you there? Is it easier to just be a slob on Sunday morning? Oh, you don’t really believe there was a God? Really? Do you think Amadeus Mozart and William Shakespeare evolved from sea creatures or monkeys?  I mean, when you look at a shelf full of meaningful books, you know there had to have been a God, or if you’d rather say, a Higher Power. 

You know, if jobs don’t work out for you, and you feel you’re going nowhere, maybe, just maybe it’s because you’re not focusing, or you don’t really care about anyone but yourself. Hey, pay attention: It’s time to put those bad habits or bad attitude behind you. Remember something, and say it to yourself every day: “It’s never too late to find the decent part of yourself.”

One way is to start going to church. What? Church? Right, good Catholic boy that I’m not, I go willingly, and even sing in the choir — and it’s a Presbyterian congregation. But a good priest chum of mine agrees with me, it doesn’t matter where you pray and sing as long as you keep on praying and singing.

I think you might amaze yourself if you find a minister you relate to. Those of us who go to Smithfield Presbyterian in Amenia, specifically go so we can have Rev. Douglas Grandgeorge wrap his wisdom around us, and make us think, and make us glad to be there, and glad to have an ongoing relationship with that magnificent fellow named God. The service is only one hour, at a very civilized hour in case you like to sleep in a bit on Sunday — 10 to 11. If you like to sing, we’d love to have you join our choir — just come an hour earlier for rehearsal.

I’m writing this Sunday night — it’s late for me, 10:15 p.m. — and it was a particularly long day. I had a business meeting in NYC  yesterday, and had someone pick me up at 7 a.m. in NYC this morning so they could drive me up to Amenia in time for church.  I got up at 5:30 a.m., 17 hours ago! Anyway, I honestly want you to think about joining a church.  You can go and try out some until you find someone behind a pulpit who makes your heart beat faster, and maybe more meaningfully at the same time. Come join us this coming Sunday. I’m sorry you missed a lovely Memorial Day service. And if you weren’t there, I prayed for you. All best.  

Jim Flaherty



Big thanks from Schoolhouse

Thank you to everyone who attended the Irondale Schoolhouse’s opening day on May 25 in Millerton. The weather was beautiful to kick off our season as visitors toured the historic one-room schoolhouse, rang the bell and enjoyed all of the day’s festivities.

Many people worked together to make our opening day a success. Thank you to Bee Bee the Clown, Sunday in the Country, Harney & Sons Fine Teas, artist Ray Loper and all of the volunteers who provided food, drinks, entertainment and history lessons at the schoolhouse.

We hope to see you this Sunday, June 9, as we celebrate National Children’s Day. Children may decorate their bicycles and join a parade on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail that culminates at the schoolhouse, where Stewart’s Shops will provide free ice cream. Parade participants should gather at the parking lot on South Center Street near the Rail Trail at 10:45 a.m. and will ride together to the schoolhouse at 11 a.m., where prizes will be awarded for the best-decorated bicycles. Jonathan Grusauskas of the Music Cellar will perform songs until 1 p.m., and everyone can enjoy outdoor games.

Darryl Gangloff, Trustee

Friends of the Irondale Schoolhouse