Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — May 1919

SALISBURY — The Connecticut Power Co. has put a Reo truck in local service. Part of a large tree at J.S. Perkins’ fell Monday morning without the slightest warning, carrying down the telephone and electric light wires. It is thought the tree was weakened by the severe wind storm that caused so much damage in March.


The work on the new state road has been started at the railroad bridge. The big steam roller is already on the job. 


SHARON — Mr. A.J. Wiley, who has purchased the residence of the late Caroline Knight will take possession about June 1st.


TACONIC — The new store is in full swing with a new line of groceries.


CANAAN — Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kane have moved into the Shuckerow house on Bragg Street.


TACONIC — Pvt. Wm. McElroy is home on a ten day furlough. He shows much improvement. It was thought at one time that they would have to graft a piece of bone on his jaw.


LIME ROCK — Word has just been received of the death of Mrs. Porter Burrall. Mrs. Burrall was an old resident of this place and once owned the house now owned by R.N. Barnum.


The frequent rains have kept the highways in a rough condition. Not in years have the roads been so slow in getting into passable and comfortable condition.


Among the compensation agreements filed in Waterbury is that of the Barnum Richardson Co., and Francis Casey of East Canaan for burn on left hand, of $9 a week.


50 years ago — May 1969

Under circumstances decided devoid of customary funeral ceremony, the bodies of two anonymous murder victims, discovered in Kent April 13, were interred Tuesday morning at the Congregational cemetery.


Telephone inquiries about Kent’s dump status have deluged the Selectmen’s office all week, and residents have been informed that they must make private arrangements for refuse disposal at present. However, an excellent site south of the North Kent gravel bank has been offered by The Stanley Works; test borings indicate that the water table there would permit a sanitary landfill operation.


Due to changes made in equipment in the Canaan telephone office, Canaan phone users now must dial all seven digits to reach local telephone numbers.


Miss Sharon Elizabeth Vanicky of Canaan will be graduated from the Grace- New Haven School of Nursing in New Haven on Tuesday May 27. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vanicky of Canaan.


25 years ago — May 1994

CANAAN — A tractor trailer driver inadvertently pulled down utility lines at three locations in East Canaan and Norfolk Tuesday afternoon before he was finally confronted by State Police in Norfolk. The driver said that he was not aware that one of the trees he was transporting on a flatbed was leaving damage in its wake. Extending out over the truck’s cab, the burlap-wrapped top of the tree apparently snagged on wires as it swayed in the breeze. The lines were not severed, but were ripped from their pole connections. Utility crews quickly repaired the damage.


SALISBURY — Salisbury School senior Jason England recently was awarded a General Mills Foodservice Hungry Minds Scholarship of $200 for academic achievement and involvement from ARA Services at Salisbury School. Mr. England is a native of Manhattan.


Items are taken from past issues of The Lakeville Journal.