Elizabeth (Adotte) Adam

EAST CANAAN — Elizabeth (Adotte) Adam, 52, of Sandy Hook, Conn., passed away on Palm Sunday, April 14, 2019, from complications related to breast cancer. 

Born on Nov. 2, 1966, to Ruth Peirce Adotte and the late Dr. George Adotte of East Canaan, Elizabeth was the wife of William “Bill” Adam and beloved mother of Sam, Christian and Leander; daughter-in-law of Beverly Adam and the late Dr. William Adam of East Canaan; sister of Jennifer Ferry of Wakefield, R.I.; longtime best friend of Jacolyn Hanlon Brown of East Canaan. She is also survived by in-laws, nieces, nephews and cousins along with a whole community of friends that embraced her infectious energy and optimism.

Although she leaves many academic and career accomplishments behind, she would say that those weren’t what defined her. It was being a wife and mother that she cherished the most. Since we cannot bring ourselves to write a “traditional” obituary that even comes close to reflecting Elizabeth’s life, here are some words she may want all of us to live by.

From Elizabeth, with love, to you:

Hold your family and friends close to your heart for they are your salvation. Laugh often and hard for laughter is the window to your soul. Smile; it’s contagious. Find a job you love to do — with people you love to do it with. Share your experiences — not just your joys but also your sorrows. Act and be silly; it’s infectious and fun. Be true to yourself with your whole heart and soul. Love yourself and don’t be jealous of others; remember, our lives are not defined by wealth or objects, what you look like, the color of your hair, or how many wrinkles you have. Give of yourself and when you think you have nothing left, just give a little more. Acknowledge and be kind to everyone, even the “grumps” of this world for everyone is battling something. Believe in goodness; the world needs you to. Hope for peace and love and don’t expect anything less. Be accepting of others — flaws and all. Lastly, get your shine on and keep your butt moving!

Remember me for I am the sole shining star that beams down on you from the night’s sky. I am the sunshine peeking through the clouds on a rainy day. I am with you always.

A celebration of her life was held on Tuesday, April 23, with a receiving line at Grace Family Church in Newtown, Conn. A private burial was held on Good Friday at Hillside Cemetery in East Canaan.

Donations can be made to Grace Family Church, Joni and Friends (www.joniandfriends.org), or to any charity of your choosing.