Happy 25th, 21st Century Fund

One bit of inspiration, absorbed by the right person, can change the course of many other people’s lives. This is the root of the story of the 21st Century Club for Housatonic Valley Regional High School. The right person was the late John L. (“Jack”) Mahoney, who was the high school’s principal back in the 1990s when he took a sabbatical to visit highly successful schools across the United States to see what they were doing differently. 

One of the things he brought back with him was an idea for an educational fund. He wasted no time in promoting the idea and implementing it, turning it into the 21st Century Fund, which in the 25 years since its beginnings has supported both students and teachers in expanding their horizons, whatever their interests might be (see Patrick Sullivan’s article in last week’s Lakeville Journal.) The fund, whose endowment is administrated by the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, is an independent nonprofit organization. It has not only given out grants exceeding $200,000 to 116 recipients, but also was the conduit for more than $500,000 to convert the Clarke B. Wood Agricultural Building into the Mahoney-Hewat Science and Technology Center, among other projects. 

The benefits have been many, and will continue to be as volunteers continue in the tradition of Mahoney to serve on the board, and as Program and Outreach Director Nancy Hegy Martin implements the mission to create boundless opportunities for students and faculty of today and tomorrow.

Go to www.21stcenturyfund.net for more information and to donate to the cause.