Letters to the Editor - Millerton News- 2-14-19

Hello Friends of NECC

I am honored and excited to be a part of NECC and a new resident of Millerton. Joining the team here at the North East Community Center was the most uplifting way to start the New Year.   

My entire life has been about service, community and leadership. I believe strongly in community and creating opportunities, training, support and most of all hope and joy. I believe in compassion and by showing kindness you can bring out the best in people.

The mission and team of extraordinary staff and volunteers, as well as the community that supports and surrounds the work of the North East Community Center, is uniquely focused on serving the residents and visitors by providing programing for toddlers through seniors. I am happily immersing myself in this good work and have begun to assist in the new phase of strengthening and deepening the programs which the leadership at NECC have worked so hard to create.

I look forward to meeting you at NECC and around town as well as connecting with you at our fundraisers and community initiatives over the weeks and months to come.

Thank you for the warm welcome.

 Suzanne Stevens

Development Director



Voting reform is welcome

In the few months since being given majorities in both of our state’s legislative houses, New York Democrats have already done a great service to our state by passing voting reform. Their bill makes it easier for New Yorkers to register to vote and gives better access to the polls. Details of this long overdue step forward can be found at www.letnyvote.org.

There is nothing more fundamental and necessary to our democracy than the process of voting. If we believe in government for and by the people then we must value and defend access to the polls for every citizen. If you don’t believe everyone should be able to vote, you don’t believe in democracy. 

Efforts by Republicans in many parts of the nation to limit access to the polls are shameful and anti-democratic. For the health of our nation going forward we need to reject that strategy and demand fair play and free access to the polls for all Americans. We should be very grateful to our state’s Democratic leadership for strengthening those rights in New York.

Michael Chaban



Re-use the school

I read “Village Board discusses possible  future uses” for the former Millerton Elementary School. It’s been a curiosity since it was purchased. I understand the need for zoning and situations where some restrictions apply. It is a “wonderment” when properties sit empty and become a blight on the area. 

Hopefully, a good use will be found that will complement Millerton. We surely do need housing for seniors (if that is one possibility). Our population is aging and many will need to sell and move out of their homes at some point. It would be nice to have accommodations locally so we could remain near family and friends. Leaving one’s home is difficult enough so it would be wonderful to be able to stay in the community that is most familiar to you. Having to relocate even 20 or 30 miles can be emotionally draining for the elderly, especially if they or their peers are unable to drive thus limiting contact with your “support system.” 

Hopefully, an “adaptive reuse” will be found for the former school.

Diane Walters

North East