Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News - 2-7-19

Way to go

I applaud the decision of our new member of Congress, Rep. Antonio Delgado (D NY-19) to convene a meeting with local constituents. I wish him well. 

I also wish to contest his quote that “we weren’t founded on principles — we were founded on aspirations.” 

I offer, instead, that it is precisely the principles laid out by our founders in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that give us the very ability to have personal and national aspirations. Those early principles made it possible to abolish slavery, supported and recognized the rights of women, and, ingeniously, provided the mechanism to change with the times. 

It is because of those early principles that we all can share the same aspirations under law and freedom. I hope Representative Delgado moves in that direction while in government.

Barry W. Fenstermacher



Kudos to our town and village highway crews

Thank you for your tireless efforts to keep our sidewalks and roads safe during these recent snow storms. 

Everyone appreciates your dedication to serve.

Ralph Fedele

North East