Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — February 1919

Harrison School has closed owing to the Influenza epidemic.


Sunday — Candlemas Day was clear and according to the groundhog that means six weeks more of winter.


TACONIC — Miss Annie Angus is the recipient of a box of grape fruit sent by her brother Alec from Miami, Florida.


LIME ROCK — Mr. Frost has purchased a new grey team from A. Martin, Lakeville.


CANAAN — John Cudney has leased the Canfield Inn from E.A. Brewer and will take possession at once.


50 years ago — February 1969

Slick ice covered with a thin coating of snow proved disastrous to eight area people who suffered fractured bones in falls on Saturday. The injuries included a fractured leg, two broken ankles, a hair-line skull fracture and four fractured wrists.


Bluntly-stated official notices posted this week threaten to end the thrill of many New Yorkers who enjoyed “riding the rails” to Kent, the Cornwalls and Falls Village aboard the weekend trains to this Berkshire country. A quick survey of the Journal indicated plans for abandonment (and probable removal of the rails too) of the former New York, New Haven and Hartford railroad service between a point two miles north of New Milford and a point just south of Canaan — a distance officially pegged in the notice as being 31.74 miles.


When painters recently redecorated the large meeting room on the second floor of the Salisbury Town Hall, last room in the renovation job, they came upon an inscription which showed that that room was last painted on Jan. 4, 1948. The inscription was signed by Lester Storm, Henry Couse, Edward Carter and Francis Sprague.


For Rent: Center of Lakeville, 6-room house, bath, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, $75. month. Tel. 824-7739.


25 years ago — February 1994

The new bovine growth hormone BST will soon appear in dairy products on grocers’ shelves amid some consumer concern over the products’ safety and the public’s right to know. The hormone is called bovine somatotropin (BST) and is injected into cows to increase their milk production.


FALLS VILLAGE — The D.M. Hunt Library will be closed for about two months starting next week to allow for interior renovation work.


These are news items extracted from past issues of The Journal.