Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 1-3-19

What next for the Trump White House?

I didn’t think the Trump presidency could get any worse until he publicly said he would stand by the Saudi Arabian prince responsible for the vicious murder of Jamal Khashoggi. In spite of the United States intelligence report clearly stating this fact, President Donald Trump chooses to stand with the Saudis as long as there is a money-making deal involved.

This White House is crossing a line, one of many, by sanctioning the murder of Mr. Khashoggi. He was an American resident, a journalist, who spoke out against Saudi atrocities, the war in Yemen being one of many. We cannot ignore the fact that an American president is willing to deal with a murderer for profit. Trump is blatant and seemingly oblivious to the immoral and dangerous repercussions of his deal with the devil.

No one should make the mistake of thinking this Trump/Saudi agreement is for the good of the United States. This is strictly to line the pockets of Donald Trump and associates. What next?

Gretchen Gordon



Why I am attending the ZBA in North Canaan

On Dec. 19, 2018, I attended the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) hearing at the Town Hall in North Canaan. The hearing was being held because Ben Metcalf is appealing a cease-and-desist order issued for his Allyndale Road property in East Canaan.  His attorney, Mark Shipman, made a generalized statement  at the hearing assuming the audience of approximately 45 citizens didn’t know why they were there. He assumed we were there for another Ben Metcalf matter.  

I am speaking for myself in this letter. I have been attending the ZBA hearings monthly since October because I wanted to know why Ben Metcalf was hauling in hot oil, and what he was doing with it. I have to admit I was educated on the “making/processing/manufacturing” of cold patch. However, I was offended by the generalization by Mr. Shipman about the audience. Just because we live in a beautiful country location doesn’t mean we don’t have brains. 

I hope more North Canaan citizens come to the next Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on Jan. 16 at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall and show their support for North Canaan.

Dorothy Kelley

North Canaan