Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News - 11-15-18

Disservice to taxpayers

The Amenia Town Board did an unfortunate disservice to Amenia taxpayers by overriding the tax cap with the 2019 Budget.  By their action, Amenia taxpayers with a STAR exemption will not receive a refund check from New York state in 2019. 

When I approached Councilwoman Vicki Doyle about the rebate she agreed and said “Well, it is only $150 for me.”  Well, Ms. Doyle and all Town Board members, $150 is very important to seniors and others on fixed income.

I understand some expenses such as the ambulance went up about 4 percent, $13,000, but the supervisor line went up 14 percent, plus-$11,000. Yes 14 percent — really. The town assessor line up $6,000, town clerk line up $5,000 and constables up $4,000. Just imagine the local economy losing over $150,000, say 1,000 homeowners multiplied  by $150.  This rebate could help pay bills and help the local economy. 

The board’s next meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 20th. Please let the Town Board know how you feel about the budget increases.  Also note that the taxable assessed value went up over $24 million to $638 million due to new construction, meaning our property taxes should be going down, not up.

 Wayne Euvrard



To the voters of Amenia

Four years ago a majority of Amenia residents voted for the first time to dedicate $95,000 of taxpayer funding for the operation of the library each year.  And on Election Day this year, by a margin of 2-1, residents voted for an increase of $30,000! 

Our very grateful thanks to the community for your wonderful and generous support. This increase will be especially needed to cover the added expenses that our upcoming expansion will entail. And we will work, as always, to be careful custodians of your money. 

We know from stories we have heard of other libraries that their communities have not always been as supportive, so we are doubly grateful that our little Amenia (population under 4,500) continues to support a library, like they’ve been doing for 259 years! 

Thank you again. You are always welcome to stop by the library and check out our plans for the new addition. Or just stop by to learn of new programs in the works.

Mary A. Wilkens, trustee

for the Amenia Free Library Board of Trustees



Successful Halloween event

The Halloween party and costume judging at the Wassaic firehouse on Oct. 27 was a success again this year.

Children in the costume contest were divided by grades preschool to kindergarten, grades one through three and grades four through six. The categories were prettiest, scariest and most original. A group of 18 children won cash prizes. All of the children were given bags of candy, juice and cookies.

A shout of thanks to the members of the Wassaic Fire Company and Auxiliary and to the costume judges Robert Boyles Jr., Donna Christiansen and Kayla Caldarelli Greenlese.

Nancy Luther, President

on behalf of the Wassaic Fire Company and Auxiliary



Thanks for kindness 

If you are the person who found the personal check I dropped in the parking lot behind the Millbrook Stissing Bank recently and turned it in at the walk-up window, I want to say a big thank you for your honesty. 

You are exactly the kind of neighbor I hoped I’d have when I moved here almost 20 years ago.

Linda Dorrer

Pine Plains