Democrats win Millbrook Village Board seats


MILLBROOK—The two vacancies on the Village Board of Trustees were won by the two Democratic candidates, who now join fellow Democrat Mike Herzog on the Village Board. Brian Hicks, current Republican trustee, did not seek reelection.

The total count according to the Dutchess County Board of Elections puts Democrats Tim Collopy at 312 votes and Kevin McGrane at 304 votes.

Incumbent Kyle Van De Water, a Republican, garnered 289 votes and fellow Republican Katherine Manzi-Doro received a total of 278 votes. There were also two write-ins.

According to Melanie Whaley, poll watcher at Millbrook for the Board of Elections, the final vote count was 1,839; total votes out of 2,893 registrations, for a vote total of 64 percent, which is she said was a high amount. The 1,839 amount was tallied at the close of the election on the machines. When all the votes (ballots) are counted and verified with those of the Board of Elections, the numbers will be reconciled.

Turnout was very heavy on Election Day. Maryanne Herzog, Democratic coordinator, agreed with Whaley that by 1:30 p.m., more people had already cast their votes than had on the previous mid-term election in an entire day. The stream of voters was steady, and at 6 p.m. the parking lot was still full, with cars waiting to park as others voted and left. Young couples came with their children, teaching them at an early age about the voting process; many other people brought their aging parents, and some just parked, voted and ran out to give others a parking space. The excitement was palpable, and the importance of casting a vote was evident.

Collopy has served previously as a trustee from July 2014 to May 2016; he was liaison to the Village Police, and during his tenure the officers trained in the use of NARCAN with the DC Health Commission.

Collopy said at the start of his campaign, “I am running for office so I can improve the quality of life for residents and help village businesses succeed. I wish to be more involved in helping the mayor with the upcoming big decisions that will affect the community water upgrade, Thorne Building resolution, Bennett College demolition and EMS support improvement.”

If elected, he said, “I will be an advocate for more resident input on the issues. Finally, I want an increased focus on coordination and consolidation of services with the town of Washington.

McGrane was a first-time candidate who has faithfully attended board meetings, and has often acted as an advocate for other people and their issues.

McGrane has already been involved in village issues, having advocated for the planting of trees in the village; he diligently cares for the garden area on Franklin Avenue at the entrance to the village, taking this upon himself to use his own time and energy and having obtained some financial help from the Tribute Garden.

“I believe in courtesy and respect in local government; I think we need more of that. I also want to help to rectify the village water problem,” he said.

McGrane would also like to explore the possibility of 24/7 ambulance and rescue service.