Unwelcome interruption

I was on a cruise ship off the coast of Nicaragua when a medical ailment attacked me. I did not know what it was and it was scary. So I went to the ship’s doctor who I thought spoke English, but it sounded like either Dutch or Portuguese to me, or just English as a language he did not really know. I did understand that he advised me to go to shore for medical treatment. In Nicaragua? He said I had a life-threatening medical issue and he wanted me to be transported to a shore hospital. But soon thereafter, at approximately 05:30 hours, the captain advised that we were not going to shore in Nicaragua due to social unrest. So now what? I could have emergency evacuation by helicopter to go to a medical facility of unknown capability, or I could hold out and risk my life by going on to San Diego, our first American port.

Clearly I survived. But I have come home to a world that has inverted itself. I guess that it happened too slowly for most people to become jerked into a new reality that makes no sense to a thinking human. However, for me, out of commission while it was happening and then finding it all out at once, it was stunning. Why were we tossing away the working agreement with Iran while simultaneously carving an unlikely and rashly thought-through nuclear agreement with North Korea? I suggest it was all intended more for theatrical appearances and not due to any clear logic or intelligence. Anyway, I fear both will end in failure.

I am happy that our president may have worked out something constructive with North Korea; but why would he abandon the best nuclear agreement ever made with Iran? It all came out, ironically from my point of view, while I was in sick bay in the choppy Pacific waters just west of Nicaragua, which has not been the most stable country on the planet and with whom our government made a huge drug deal in order to sell heavy arms to what would become the Taliban in their fight against Russia. When the Russians retreated, they left all that firepower behind to be used against the USA. What about this picture was nuts? It is not like anything good came of it for Nicaragua then, and the irony for me is this was where I could not get ashore for medical treatment even if I had been crazy enough to accept it.

Our world is out of control. We need saner people at the helm. It is as if I went on a month’s vacation and came home to Jurassic Earth. Can we please hire a Captain who knows how to run the world’s most powerful ship? And from a personal perspective, which may affect any of us while traveling, proper medical treatment should be available everywhere in the civilized world, make that “world,” inclusive of all.


Philip Truax lives in Sharon, and is happy to be alive in America.