Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 3-8-18

Valuable information

Thank you, Whitney Joseph, for publishing the informative article about Cricket Valley and thank you to the brave activists who were harassed for standing up for the belief that our existence is imperiled by global warming.

Cricket Valley will be the largest natural gas-fired power plant in the Northeast. Fracked gas from Canada and the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania will be transported by a pipeline with a history of faulty construction from Athens, N.Y., through Pleasant Valley to Dover. There it will be burned to produce electricity while spewing toxic waste and C02.

Yes, we need a replacement for Indian Point but renewables like solar, wind and geothermal are the solution. 

Dover Plains will gain tax revenue and there will be a two-year job boom there. But by 2020, if completed, there will be 28 full-time jobs. Dover gets a payoff and the entire Hudson Valley gets to breathe contaminated air, and C02 emissions will continue to increase to the detriment of our planet

Kristie Schmidt, MD



Chad’s legacy will continue

It is with great pride and commitment that the family and staff of Chad’s Hair Studio will continue to welcome and serve a community whom so loved him.

We are all grateful for the love and support that continues to surround us through this difficult time.

Our hours of operation will remain the same.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 518-789-6007.

The Malarchuk family 

and the staff from Chad’s Hair Studio



Recognizing talent

The Comprehensive Plan Committee has greatly benefited from the donated art work of Kathy Chow and Stacey Moore.  

These talented designers have created, pro bono, a distinctive logo and an impressive resident survey card to solicit input for the North East/Millerton Comprehensive Plan update.  

To develop a useful Comprehensive Plan we need input from as many residents of North East and Millerton as possible. 

Thank you, Stacey and Chow for your valuable contributions in helping make our planning endeavor more visible.  

Please reward their efforts by filling out the online survey that can be found on the town, village and library websites or the North East/Millerton Comprehensive Plan Facebook page.

Edie Greenwood, Chairwoman

North East/Millerton Comprehensive Plan Update Committee

North East