North Canaan: Charged up for future?

The proposal to have an electric car charging station in North Canaan, presented at an Exchange Club meeting by Selectman Christian Allyn last month is one more reason to believe that this town is on its way to an economic resurgence. If a relationship between North Canaan and the electric car manufacturer Tesla, Inc. can become a reality, it will bring a whole new kind of traveler into town and give them the impetus to stop, obtain a great service they need and look around at a charming New England destination.

After all, North Canaan has already got cafés, restaurants, a bakery, a large supermarket, a couple of package stores and, in warmer weather, farm stands and both kinds of golf (miniature at Caddie Shack and 18 holes at Canaan Country Club), not to mention walking trails and batting cages. But once the Depot and the brewery are open, that will make a big difference for visitors who are looking for something to do when they stop in North Canaan. 

Some issues are apparently delaying the opening date for the new complex, which has arisen from the ashes of the fire in 2001 after a lot of hard work and seemingly endless hours of both volunteer and paid time. But let’s hope all parties can work out the glitches for the good of the town, and for their own benefit, so that the historical side of the Depot can be there for railroad buffs and the brewery side can be there for craft beer buffs. Won’t many of us be interested in both?

North Canaan has been here before, just on the brink of pulling together its downtown area to complement an active and vibrant whole town. Its location is an asset, right along Route 7 leading into the Berkshires and Route 44 connecting eastern Connecticut and New York state. Tesla has perceived its benefit, so let’s hope the company now implements and places its charging station there. 

It will be good for all the area towns if North Canaan is finally able to find the right formula to improve the prospects for its downtown business community.  If it can, it will be better able to welcome visitors from near and far who will then find new reasons to take a trip through northwest Connecticut and on into Berkshire County via this great little town and the towns that surround it.