Letter to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 2-8-18

Social equality

I normally restrict myself to whatever I can find as a positive thing to say on the leftward side of politics. But this time has been so crazy over a meaningless “memo” that I have had nothing to say until after the Super Bowl.

For sports fans, it was a great game right down to the very last play. My team lost. But that is not my point. There were the usual amusing commercials that are so celebrated, but it was the vast number of them that incorporated our mutually supportive mentality of late that brought tears to my eyes and joy to my face.

There was a genuine attempt to unify society. My favorite was the one with all the different babies being shown while the narrator spoke about how they all have an equal choice in how they might live their individual lives. But that was not the only one to catch me. There was the disabled child who overcame her disability to become a world class skier and ends up driving her exhausted father figure home as he slept.

These things say to me that we are finally making some serious progress in social equality, which I will attribute to the advent of the #MeToo and other movements, which have been born out of, perhaps, the left; but which are becoming more universally accepted by most everybody more and more as time moves forward. This is a good thing. I want to express my support too.

Philip Truax