In appreciation: Richard Carley

Angels with Invisible Wings.

I consider this to be a blessing, but sadly several weeks ago, my family and I watched my father, Richard L. Carley, pass from this world to the heavens above. His final days were spent at the Geer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in North Canaan.  

Over a five-day period, we spent a lot of time at the Geer facility by Dad’s side.  We had the pleasure of witnessing a group of people who were extremely dedicated and passionate about their job and always ensured that each patient there was loved and well taken care of. When they came in to take care of Dad, they would call him by his first name and always made sure he was comfortable. They would treat him as though they’d known him all his life. 

My family and I were also treated very special; they couldn’t do enough for us, between the food and drinks and bringing us anything else that we needed.  

The first day that I came in from out of town, there was a patient in the room with Dad. The next day when I arrived, without being asked, they had moved that patient into another room so my family would be able to have our private time with Dad.  

They were very willing to answer any questions that we had and were very good about communicating everything they were doing to ensure he was comfortable and in no pain. Even the gentleman who worked in housekeeping would always check in with us to ensure it was OK to clean the room and would ask if there was anything he could do for us. 

One very touching experience we had was that the nurse who was on duty when Dad passed, wept with us; it was a difficult time, you could tell, she really cared.

There were truly some very special people, including Cady, Becca, Kim, Cindy, Barbara, Richard, Mary and all the other Angels with Invisible Wings who served my Dad the last days of his life. Thank you.

Ric Carley and family