Letters to the Editor - Millerton News- 1-11-18

Councilman’s efforts appreciated

I and many others living in the town of North East applaud town Councilman John Midwood’s successful efforts in securing the funding needed for video equipment that will enable the Town Board to video-record its meetings and post them on the town’s website. This is an enormous and valuable step that increases communication between the Town Board and our town’s citizens, and it enables our town’s governance processes to be more inclusive and transparent. It significantly brings Millerton further into the 21st Century.  

A couple of our neighboring towns have a fairly extensive internet presence, such as Ancram. Increasing the town of North East’s internet presence enables our community members to be better informed about activities in the town and about the issues facing the Town Board each month. 

A more informed citizenry leads to greater participation by community members and increases the ability of the Town Board to make decisions that reflect the wishes of our community’s members.  John Midwood had the vision to enhance our town  government’s communication systems in this regard, and he went above and beyond to prepare a successful grant proposal and obtain the funds for this  valuable equipment.

Thank you, John.

Dean Nicyper

North East


Medical costs to come down?

I’m sure many readers of The Millerton News were happy to read Peter Cordeau’s (president of Sharon Hospital) letter in  the Dec. 21/28 edition of the paper, promising lower medical costs. But, I wasn’t one of them.

You see, I had just received a bill from Sharon Hospital for some blood work I had done in August, to the tune of $519. Because I hadn’t met my insurance deductible, it’s all out of pocket. I can’t blame Sharon Hospital for that, but I did my research, and I found out too late that the same tests would have cost me significantly less if I had gone to an independent lab in Torrington. In fact, one test for which Sharon charged $209 costs only $58 in Torrington. 

Sharon Hospital wants us to believe that costs are going down, but that doesn’t square with my experience. It’s a case of buyer beware, and I wasn’t a careful shopper when my doctor told me I needed these tests. As Mr. Cordeau said, “the last thing anyone should have to think is, ‘How much is this going to cost me?’” 

Perhaps that’s a sales strategy? Instead, I suggest that we all think very hard about how much medical care is going to cost, particularly when insurance isn’t going to cover the bill.

Bill Kish


North East