Letter to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 1-11-18

Drones are in the Northwest Corner skies

A recent article in The Lake-ville Journal describes drone flights over one of our neighbors, Mr. Len Stewart, while he was working in his yard.

This is not unusual in our community. During the summer, aerial photographs were taken of my house and yard while landscaping and repair activity was underway. A neighbor circulated these pictures to others in the community, along with a narrative speculating as to what I was doing. Clearly this is an invasion of privacy, bordering on criminal trespass.

I bring it to the attention of the community because, as long as this activity continues, you are not safe from probing eyes. Will you feel comfortable leaving your curtains opened, or sun bathing at the Grove, or picnicking in the privacy of your back yard, doing nothing wrong or illegal, all the while knowing that photos of you and yours could appear on social media? There are legitimate uses of drones to photograph the landscape, but would you trust the judgment of someone with a sinister motive to decide how to use pictures of you?

If you care about your privacy, please make your feelings known, and take action to stop this egregious practice before it gets out of hand. I have written to our state representative, Brian Ohler (R-64), asking that this matter be taken up and regulations enacted to stop this activity. 

Dean Haubrich