A look back, a look ahead

We have just entered 2018, and are about to embark on the unknown. Our families, our jobs, our communities, our health and our politics will all take the journey along with us — their fate as of yet undecided. Hopefully, there will be a lot of positivity for most.

Last year was a rough one. There was the outfall of the 2016 elections — we’re still dealing with the results, much to the chagrin of many. There were multiple mass shootings — a statement on how violent our society now is and how desensitized many have become to that reality. There has been global destabilization, including in the Middle East, North Korea and Russia. There have been the challenges of health care reform and tax relief. Locally, there have been acts of anti-Semitism and crime. There have also been deaths of many notable community members, too many to list. There has been hardship. There has been sorrow. There has been disappointment.

But there have also been bright spots. Communities have banded together to celebrate the best in us. There have been food and toy drives, and natural disaster relief efforts. There have been talks on solving our problems without the use of violence, promoting peaceful conflict resolution. There has been information shared to improve our daily lives: financial talks, tax support, presentations on history and more. There has been full and robust programming from all of our local libraries — they offer everything from books and computers to children’s programming and offerings for seniors. There has been healthy political discourse, bringing residents together to discuss issues important to them and learn all they could from their candidates and local leaders. 

2017 wasn’t perfect. In fact, it could be described as dismal considering all of the hard times mentioned above. But, somehow, through it all, the human spirit has endured. We hope, in 2018, that spirit will thrive.

We at The Millerton News want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful New Year. Wish others the same — and then do your best to help make that happen.