Green gifts ideas

Dear EarthTalk:  I want to set a good environmental example with my gift-giving this holiday season. Any tips on how — or even better, what — to give greener?

Jane P.

Bowie, Md.


The  Waterpebble is a great gift for anyone trying to lead a greener lifestyle. This gadget tracks how much water you use in your shower. After programmed, it signals a yellow light at your half-shower mark and flashes red when it’s time to turn off the faucet.

Music lovers might like theiBamboo speaker. This portable bamboo speaker for iPhones 4,5,6, and 7 requires no batteries or electricity and has no wires — it’s just a simple block of bamboo that projects sound using natural acoustics.

If the iBamboo isn’t loud enough, try eco-amp from eco-made. While it does use electricity, the eco-amp is made out of all recycled materials and can in turn be entirely recycled when it’s useful life is over—and it’s made in the USA, which helps employ Americans while saving on transportation emissions.

Alternative Apparel uses non-toxic dyes on eco-friendly fabrics and makes 80 percent of its garments with sustainable materials. 

United By Blue pays to pull a pound of trash from water bodies for each of its fashionable and comfortable items sold.

And let’s not forget that there is more to greener holiday shopping than just what you buy. Don’t forget that your reusable shopping bags aren’t just for the grocery store anymore: Bring them with you to the mall, as well, so you don’t have to waste your favorite retailers’ plastic or paper shopping bags. Also, if you’re going to wrap your gifts, make sure to use recycled wrapping paper, or even better, get creative and repurpose some other paper materials lying around as gift wrap.

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