Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — 1917

SALISBURY — Mrs. Martha Suydam spent Sunday in Philmont with her son, Fred Sherwood.


CANAAN — The damage by fire at the Connecticut Lime Co. plant was estimated at $600.


LAKEVILLE — Harry Miller while out motoring in his Ford last Sunday met with an exciting accident. A large car passing by hooked into one of the wheels of Mr. Miller’s car, tore it off and otherwise damaged the car. Happily no one was injured. The offending driver put on speed without making effort to give aid, and got away. However the number of the car was noted.


LAKEVILLE — William Adams is again on duty at Benjamin’s store after an attack of his old enemy rheumatism. 


50 years ago — 1967

Kent firemen responded quickly to an alarm from the house of Kent School Headmaster Sidney Towle on Skiff Mountain last Sunday night.


TACONIC — Isaac Sanford Kelsey, a resident of Canaan, died on Oct. 28th at Tranquil House, Warren, Co. Mr. Kelsey was a direct descendant of William Kelsey, one of the founders of Hartford, Conn. His family came to Salisbury in the late 1700s. He was a great-grandson of John Kelsey who built the iron furnace on Mt. Riga. He leaves two sons, Berkley W. of Canaan and William S. of Sharon, five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.


CANAAN — Henry Vining of East Canaan is receiving treatment at the Winsted Memorial Hospital, having been admitted on Monday last. Mr. and Mrs. Vining recently celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary.


FALLS VILLAGE — Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marston, Route 126, and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gustafson, Warren Turnpike, have returned to their homes from an 8,300 mile trip. Some of the highlights on their way included Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The foursome visited Mr. and Mrs. Roland Chinatti in Greeley, Colorado, where Mr. Chinatti is attending the University of Colorado. The Chinattis lived in Falls Village several years ago, when he was teaching at Housatonic Valley Regional High School.


25 years ago — 1992

CORNWALL — George Wolfe has developed an unusual relationship with his steer calf, Star. At 11 years old, George is literally a cowboy. Unable to wait for the horse promised by his parents, George has taken to riding Star. To look at them one would have to say Star even enjoys it. “He’s just like his mother — he loves the attention,” said George.


Alison Rubino of Lakeville has joined the Longaberger Company sales family as a consultant. The Longaberger Company is the largest producer of quality handwoven baskets in the Western Hemisphere.