In appreciation: Roy Sherwood

Shortly after my husband, Joe Hajek, arrived in Sharon as the orthopedist for the hospital, Roy Sherwood came to his office to see about his knees. Joe came home that night and asked whether anyone wanted to learn to ski jump. Luke, age 6, immediately said yes. 

A few weeks later, we were at the jumps in Salisbury with Luke being fitted for jumping skis. Not long after that he met Roy. It is not often a child starting a new sport gets to start by meeting an Olympian! 

For the 20 years of Luke’s jumping career, Roy provided inspiration, encouragement and was a friend.

Roy remained a mainstay of the Salisbury Winter Sports Association and ski jumping throughout his life. It is hard to imagine he will no longer be there. 

Soar on, Roy!

With fondest memories, 

Cicily Hajek