Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 10-26-17

Believes in community

I moved to Millerton almost 25 years ago for my job and wanted to be part of this quaint little town. So within three years I was part of the Zoning Board for the village and a year later a Village Trustee. I became part of the American Legion auxiliary in Millerton and have been a member for 20 years. I joined the Millerton Fire Department and served as an EMT for 10 years, one of those years as the captain.

I believed in this community and wanted to make it the best it could be alongside my best friend, Mariley Najdek.

I therefore find it appalling that writing the “F” word on a business’s dirty window is condoned and treated as “okay.” Would it be acceptable for everyone to do this on all the business windows in town? What example are we setting for the children?

I would think by the time we reach our 60’s and 70’s, we would be leading by example. Is this the legacy we want to leave behind?

We are a small town, people need to realize they are no longer in the city or a large community where no one knows their neighbor.

Still believe in ethics.

Nancy Ellis



Know the value of your town clerk

Hi everyone, I just wanted to tell you how fortunate we are to have Dawn Marie Klingner as our town clerk in Amenia.

Dawn is unopposed in this upcoming election — and with good reason — there isn’t anyone interested who could possibly do the job with as much heart as Dawn Marie. If you need to know something or who to speak with in Amenia, if you’re not sure, speak with Dawn Marie.

What to do about a traffic ticket?  Who do you think would have a map of my property?  Who do I write if I want to complain about my real estate taxes?  And think of whatever else you might need to know … and then call Dawn Marie. 

Even though she’s unopposed, I want you to go and vote (and that’s important to do!) for Dawn Marie so she knows You Know You Can Count on Her!

P.S., many years ago, when Dawn was a very young bride and mother, she also worked for us at Troutbeck. And we liked her then, too!

Jim Flaherty



Endorses Tom Carty for Hillsdale Town Board

As the former chair of  the Historic Hillsdale Committee I heartily endorse Tom Carty for a seat on the Hillsdale Town Board in this November’s election.

Mr. Carty has a long and successful history of leadership roles in our town. He helped bring about a significant revision of Hillsdale’s Comprehensive Plan, which guides future development, and, as chair of the Steering Committee, took charge of volunteer citizen committees that implement the plan’s recommendations. In this key role he kept our budgets straight, guided us as we developed our missions and contributed his knowledge to our tasks while acting as our liaison to the Town Board.

Thanks in part to his oversight and hard work:

Hillsdale’s hamlet joined the National Register of Historic Places, which brings significant tax credits for those who renovate historic buildings; the town government now works in a renovated Town Hall; Hillsdale this year acquired new sidewalks, streetlights and signage; the Hamlet Park was revitalized with new playground equipment; work is under way to create affordable housing; and a new section of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail ends in Hillsdale, due in part to his work raising funds for the effort.

In his private life, Mr. Carty runs a successful small business, giving him insight that could help boost Hillsdale’s economic development.

For all these reasons we urge residents to elect Mr. Carty to the Town Board.

Alexia Lalli 



Why Rob Cooper should be councilman

I’ve known Rob for almost seven years now and I can honestly say that he would be the best person for the town councilman position. 

Throughout my time as mayor, I had the pleasure of working with Rob on a number of projects. Rob is a successful businessman able to make decisions backed by the experience not many people have. It was an absolute pleasure having Rob as a trustee on the Village Board where his expertise proved to be invaluable time and time again. 

Everyone I meet has a good story about Rob going out of his way for someone in need. It’s people like Rob who embody values such as community, generosity, determination, selflessness and virtue that make this area such a special place to live. 

Please come out on Election Day to show your support for someone who has proven to be and will continue to serve as a great asset to the town. That person is Rob Cooper.

Marty Markonic


The writer is former Millerton mayor.


Return Acker as judge

It is with great honor that I support Judge Christi Acker for New York State Supreme Court. I urge all voters in the Ninth Judicial District (Dutchess, Putnam, Orange, Rockland and Westchester) to assure her election on Nov. 7. 

In her many years of public service, she has shown herself to be a great professional with a strong commitment to fairness and justice for all. Her steadfast devotion to the rule of law and simply doing what is right has earned her impressive support for her candidacy, including members of the legal community, many law enforcement unions and other nonpartisan groups.  All who have observed Judge Acker in court know she conducts court proceedings in a fair and well-prepared manner. 

As a lifetime Dutchess County resident, I can think of none better than Judge Acker to serve us as a Supreme Court justice. She is the obvious choice.  

Christopher A. Montalto 




Dick Hermans is a good candidate

I’m taking this opportunity to voice my support for Dick Hermans as candidate for Dutchess County Legislator. 

As a lifelong resident of the area, Dick has a deep understanding of the people he’ll be serving and he has a detailed platform for improving how county government serves the community. 

Dick has proven his ability to build and grow small business as is proven by the success of his two bookstores. I believe that developing new small businesses in Dutchess County will be the key economic growth over the upcoming years. 

In short, I’ll be proud to have Dick Hermans representing us in the County Legislature.

Bill Kish

North East


Edie Greenwood is a fine candidate

Election day is soon approaching and I think this election offers up four great candidates. All are truly dedicated to our town, longtime residents and more than qualified to do the job. I can’t not speak on behalf of one in particular though, Edie Greenwood. She has been my neighbor for nearly 20 years in Shekomeko (Town of North East), a friend for almost all of them and my partner in our building at 17 Dutchess Avenue in Millerton. She loves our town, village and the community and has supported many parts of it through her volunteerism philanthropy and other forms of support and giving.

There is no question that Edie can and will do the job. She listens, does her research, is fiscally sharp, diligent and dedicated to any job once she commits. Take it from me…I know this firsthand. If I hadn’t listened (eventually), accepted her advice and support (stubbornly), I probably wouldn’t be in the beautiful building Moore & More Printing calls home and more importantly be in business today. She brought me to the digital era (quite hesitant and scared) and made my business the best it has ever been in 25 years.

Times are getting tougher, bottom lines are getting bigger and people in certain positions have to make some hard decisions. Edie is very capable of doing this. Not everyone will like what she has to say, but again, take it from me … listen carefully, pay attention and it will get done.

In order for any change to truly happen, we as voters and citizens have to get out and vote. We can’t just sit in the coffee shops or stand on the sidewalks or type away on Facebook our opinions. We need to cast a vote, each and every one of us, so that the candidates that do get in know they have the true support of their community.

Stacey L. Moore

North East


Supports Kennan for Town Board

I have gotten to know Chris Kennan in the past few years and am glad that he is now running for the Town Board. 

He is truly dedicated to Millerton. He is honest and able. He is always rolling up his sleeves, whether it’s to find grant money to help the village pay for things we need or just planting flowers around the Veterans’ Memorial.

He is a good person who will be a great addition to the Town Board. Let’s all support Chris.

Marilyn Flood Nichols



Vote for Acker for Supreme Court

The voters of the Ninth Judicial District (Dutchess, Orange, Putnan, Rockland and Westchester) will have an opportunity in November to select a new Supreme Court Justice. Considering her experience and temperament, Judge Christi Acker is the best qualified candidate for this important judicial position. This is why she is the only Supreme Court candidate rated “Highly Qualified” by the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission 

Judge Acker has served with great distinction and integrity as a Town Justice in the Town of Pine Plains Justice Court for the past ten years. Her lengthy legal career has spanned almost 25 years as a judge, principal court attorney and litigator in both trial and appellate-level courts. This has earned her the respect and admiration of all for her devotion to the law

Judge Acker has applied her great judicial and legal skills for thousands of litigants. It is time for the State Supreme Court to benefit from her wisdom and experience.

Please be sure to cast your vote for Judge Acker for Supreme Court on Nov. 7. 

Efraim Nieves

Hopewell Junction 


Pearson for County Legislature

Jimmy Pearson is my choice for Dutchess County Legislator for District 25. I first met him about eight months ago when he was deciding whether to run.  I  told him what I have always told candidates: We want someone who will listen to us, be responsive to our needs, and come to local events. He has certainly taken this advice to heart.

Jimmy biked to Amenia to participate in the Earth Day town-wide cleanup. He spoke at several community meetings, stayed for an entire Town Board meeting, and met with town representatives about issues that came up. He has attended  fire company breakfasts, church suppers, and Community Day.  In door-to-door campaigning, I have witnessed him talking with people, really listening to their concerns. He said, “I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I  think this area needs to have a seat at the table when decisions are made, and I promise to represent you to the best of my ability.” I believe him.

Jimmy Pearson served for five years as a submarine officer in the U.S. Navy.  He has worked for a large company and started his own business.  He understands the needs of Eastern Dutchess and will work tirelessly to help people in our area.

Jimmy Pearson will be the County Legislator this area needs.  Please vote for him on November 7.

Janet M. Reagon



Cherish the small-town life, but ...

Oh please, don’t take this away from me, us, all of us: small-town living and core values. “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you”  was the mantra of our family back in the day when I was growing up. Those teachings then have served me well today. I think before I act and try to never hurt another’s feelings intentionally.  One person’s joke is another person’s heartache.  

Did Peter Greenough’s writing  “F - -  Ron” on our business window cause personal heartache per se?  No, not really, but the fact that young eyes and minds were able to see those words in easy and full view for four days does cause my heart to hurt for them.

Does the fact that Mr. Greenough has not suffered in the least from his unfortunate choices cause me personal heartache?  Yes, absolutely, because to me, it symbolizes the swift decline of decency, long expected and taken perhaps for granted, in our slower, more refined small town way of life.  

We have been told that Mr. Greenough’s behavior did not “rise to the level” that would prohibit him from performing his duties as a member of the Village Planning Board; and therefore, there were no grounds for dismissal.  

Excerpts from Wikipedia’s definition of Planning Board duties talk about “keeping itself informed as to the best practices generally in effect regarding city planning” and “the convenience and safety of persons and property in any way dependent on city planning.”

In my opinion, Mr. Greenough’s actions fall way short of “Best Practices” and violate the “Convenience and Safety” of those children waiting twice a day at the RR Station School Bus Stop.  

I also believe that Mr. Greenough’s ability to make rational and informed decisions  regarding the Village Business District and what may or may not be acceptable in that area is at best contradicted. I envision meetings where Mr. Greenough is asked to recuse himself because of this incident. In that event, the Village will be deprived of a functioning Planning Board member able to actively contribute to the process. making him unable to perform his job as described.

I am, therefore, again calling for Mr. Greenough’s dismissal or resignation from the Village Planning Board.   

Marti Doyle-Steed

Steed Real Estate