Letters to the Editor, Aug, 3, 2017 - The Millerton News

Day for girls coverage appreciated

Thank you for the July 13 article and editorial in The Millerton News about our Days for Girls mission. I was well pleased with the facts included and the clarity of the writing. 

Your support is greatly appreciated: it has given us needed exposure throughout the area.

Just a bit more information for you — the five Methodist churches in this area (Bangall UMC, Elizaville UMC, Millerton UMC, Pine Plains UMC and Rowe [Milan] UMC) are working together as a cooperative parish, sharing two pastors. 

The Days for Girls project is a mission that was selected  by the Parish Council. The volunteers who are tracing, cutting, sewing and serging, organizing and putting together the feminine hygiene kits are from the parish as well as the communities-at-large. We even have a young mother from Kingston who found us on Facebook and has brought her 4-year-old daughter with her to our work sessions.

Lou Ann Mallozzi

Days for Girls team co-leader

Pine Plains




More on Spring for Sound

Is Spring For Sound good for Millerton? Is this an event the village of Millerton should continue to host? The responses vary widely in scope and passion. There have been lively conversations following this year’s event and particularly following a recent front page article highlighting local criticism and rumors.

I, myself, am a merchant in the village of Millerton, where I have been doing business for the last five years. I also volunteer for the North East Community Center and have helped with the festival for the last three years. I am a strong supporter of the community as a whole. I appreciate the concerns of NECC, the merchants and the residents. With each year, Spring for Sound has grown and become a successful fundraiser for NECC. It has brought hundreds of visitors to Millerton, many of which are first-time visitors to our village.

The day of the event I have hundreds of guests come through my establishment. It is an exciting day to have the opportunity of so many first-time customers. The nature of the event is a recreational day for adults and families to enjoy music, socialization, food and beverage. Knowing this, I plan accordingly. I facilitate business as best I can knowing it may be a different kind of business day with different challenges. I embrace the event and make the best of the day, knowing it is one day a year that does such good in supporting NECC.  

The recent article addressed criticism expressed by a few local residents. Sadly, it also addressed “rumors.”  I was quite surprised of the lack of commentary on the positive reviews, factual assessments of the day’s events and the actual accomplishments of the event itself. 

There was so much good that came from what was a beautiful, fun day.  The reviews of the day from my guests were overwhelmingly positive. These reviews were not only of Spring for Sound but also of the village of Millerton. So many expressed excitement to return and explore the village further.

All large-scale events, such as music festivals, will have their issues. They are rarely perfect. If the actual issues, not rumors, are minimal, they can be tweaked.  Concerns can be eased. This is no different for Spring for Sound. There is an enormous amount of donated time and effort that goes into creating and executing this special day. The event planners are more than open to making adjustments. It would be very nice to see those who are so opposed actually get involved with the festival, help make improvements and embrace the event.

There are so many, including myself, that would like to see Spring for Sound continue to grow and showcase our beautiful village.


Eleanor Nurzia

owner/operator, 52 Main

Sharon, Conn.