Complex Simplicity


Abstract Painter Aritha Corry is a Jamaican born self-taught, abstract visual artist and an entrepreneur. Her earliest exposure to art was influenced by her artistic family background and by her late grandmother who was an artist and an entrepreneur as well. The island influences are visible throughout her paintings, with vibrant colors demonstrated throughout her work. Texture and movement is an important creative, visual Dialogue that is continuous in her body of work. She studied painting and mixed media art at the School of Visual Arts and pursued a career in elementary art education. Aritha believes that art is a beautiful blessing and an important outlet to express multiple feelings that cannot be expressed verbally. Aritha’s involvement with shaping young artists ‘minds to express themselves creatively is equally important to her.
You can find her work on Facebook (arithacorry) and on Instagram (riritamu@instagram

Gallery showings Fridays 5:30pm-8pm Saturdays 12pm-6pm and Sundays 1pm-6pm open from July 8th to August 12th. For appointments during the week contact Wilfredo Morel 914-643-4392