Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 5-18-17

Rethink plan for highway garage

Recent articles in The Millerton News suggest that the North East Town Board may be considering building a highway garage, and possibly also a transfer station, on a site on Sharon Road.

I hope that a great many of us will speak up against this idea.  Sharon Road is a lovely country road. The site that the board apparently is considering is in a quiet residential/agricultural neighborhood containing several streams. My understanding is that, if a private developer, rather than the town, were interested in this kind of construction on this site, zoning would not permit it.  The town, on the other hand, apparently is permitted to ignore zoning rules.

Quiet rural neighborhoods are one of our town’s greatest assets. We must not destroy them with unsightly buildings, noise and heavy truck traffic.

Surely, a more suitable location for the highway garage can be found, perhaps on Route 22, which already is a commercial corridor.

Cavin P. Leeman, M.D.



Sharon Hospital exceeded expectations

I would like to express appreciation to you about Sharon Hospital and the doctors that practice in there. 

First of all let me tell you a little about my situation. I was born in Yonkers, N.Y., and moved to Millerton in 1997 and loved the location here. Beautiful are wild animals and peaceful conditions and the people here are very friendly, something very desirable. 

However, what concerned me was hospital care. I was not too concerned, my wife and I were relatively healthy. However, that changed overnight! Our health changed and we did not know where to turn. We were told about a doctor in Amenia, who was a qualified internist named Robert Dweck. We were skeptical at first and after a few visits he assured us that you can get very good care in this area, and he was right! 

Sharon Hospital exceeded our expectations; my wife and I have been through many surgeries from cancer to heart disease and the cardiac rehab is second to none. 

And, recently, Dr. Yaghubian and his staff of qualified nurses had completed a fine job on my arm. 

So I am basically saying you don’t have to drive into New York City to get great care, when it’s in your own back yard. And I would like for every transplant that has moved up here to know, that this area, with its great doctors and hospital, is the best place to live.

Angelo Prunella