Thank you, John Dwan

On Thursday, May 4, John Dwan announced that Super Saver IGA, located at 372 Main St., will close for business.

In March, Dwan announced that he was going to retire and close the store after operating it for almost 36 years, starting back in August 1981.

While it is not a surprise that Dwan is retiring, it is a surprise to many residents that the store is being closed so quickly after his original announcement.

During all those years Dwan’s store has been open every day of the week, including all holidays except for Christmas, the only day of each year that the store has been closed.

The store has also stayed open during foul weather events, including snowstorms, but also during Hurricane Sandy back in 2012, when the store remained open despite the whole town losing power for days.

It was a memorable time when customers were given flashlights and candles to go down the grocery aisles to do their shopping.

Even back in 2013 when Blizzard Nemo hit the area hard, residents could still travel to Super Saver IGA to buy their groceries.

Throughout the years Dwan has allowed local organizations to hold benefits at the store, including the Elks Lodge, Boy Scouts, local churches throughout the area and The Gilbert School which, for many years, have held their Thanksgiving food drives at the store.

If you ask anyone in the field, they will tell you that retail, including managing a store, is a rough business.

Dwan has successfully done this, for almost 36 years, along with giving back substantially to the Winsted community.

That is what Dwan thrived on, not just stocking quality food and grocery products, but also creating a sense and atmosphere of community within the store itself.

A store can always stock up again and again on goods, but creating a sense of community is something that cannot just be ordered from a wholesaler and restocked.

Dwan created that community along with his hardworking employees, who day in and day out kept the Super Saver IGA open.

This is something that cannot be merely replaced by anyone. This is something that was built over time with great energy and effort.

With the closing of the Super Saver IGA, a chapter in Winsted’s history will also close, one that lasted and endured for many years.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dwan for his years of service and support to the community.

We also would like to thank the employees of Super Saver IGA, past and present, for their hard work over the years.