A new building, a flooded carburetor and an Air Force graduate

100 years ago — August 1913

LIME ROCK — Mr. C.W. Barnum met with quite an accident last Sunday when coming down stairs he fell and hurt his back quite badly.

Great excitement occurred at corner of Broadway and Elm Street on Tuesday morning of this week when suddenly a building was seen. First one then another would pass asking what that was for. Some said ice cream parlor, others said new store, others a stand for audience to listen to the band when practicing on Tuesday nights. But in looking it over it was found to be one of M.B. Richardson’s chicken houses and evidently the truck had broken. Guided by Mr. Weising, workmen tugged for a few hours till it was raised onto another truck and carried to its resting place on the Richardson farm.

LAKEVILLE — The sidewalk builders are this week laying cement walks in front of Hoyt and Bauman’s, the Journal Office and Dufour’s barber shop.

50 years ago — August 1963

SALISBURY — When Mrs. Austin G. Lovett started the family car at their home last Thursday afternoon, the carburetor flooded and caught on fire. Moments later Mr. Lovett and Roy Sherwood drove up and put it out. In the meanwhile, the fire department had been called. When it arrived, the car was started and caught fire again, which was again put out.

KENT — Mr. and Mrs. August Karsten of River Acre, Kent, have just returned from a four-week motor trip to Nova Scotia.

SHARON — Mr. and Mrs. Robert Emerson, who recently moved into the former Harrington house on South Ellsworth Road, have gone to New York to meet a 16 year old relative who is arriving from England to spend a year with them.

CANAAN — Edward Ramusen of Route 7, Kent, was arrested on Aug. 7 by State Trooper Joseph Tobin 3rd, and charged with intoxication. The arresting officer reported that Mr. Ramusen, 39, was drunk and fell off a Caterpillar tractor.

25 years ago — August 1988

Airman Ralph T. Benson Jr., son of Ralph T. Benson and stepson of Linda Benson of Sugar Hill Road, has graduated from the U.S. Air Force inventory management course at Lowry Air Force Base, Colorado.

Taken from decades-old Lake­ville Journals, these items contain original spellings and phrases.