Turning Back the Pages - January 10

100 years ago — 1913
Large front page display advertisement: FREE For a Few Weeks Only. FREE Two Gold Fish and a GLOBE to every buyer of 35 cents worth of any goods in this hustling store. Purchase must include a 10 cent box of Fish Food. Patent boxes furnished free in which you can carry 100 miles if necessary. Puff’s. Millerton, N.Y.

Last Friday brought to this section a tremendously high wind, or gale, which blew for hours, accompanied by rain and snow. Many trees throughout this section were blown down and dead limbs littered the streets. At Joseph Honour’s place a fifty-foot wagon house was turned “topsy turvy.” In the building was stored a quantity of farming machines and tools, which fortunately escaped any serious injury. The demolishing of the building at this time is a great inconvenience to Mr. Honour.

50 years ago — 1963
A rate increase at the Sharon Hospital which became effective on January 1 has been announced by Albert W. Olsen, President of the Board of Trustees. Affected is the room service rate which has been increased in the amount of $1.00 per day for all categories of room accommodations. In addition, an increase in charges for x-ray procedures and drugs will average $1.08 per day.

Duane F. Gleason, 32, of Chatham, N.Y., knocked down 12 fence posts and found his truck stuck in snow accumulation at the side of Route 44 near West Norfolk last Thursday.
His truck, carrying 18 tons of cement, was pulled free after several hours, and Mr. Gleason was charged by State Police with failure to drive in the proper lane. He said he was forced off the road by an oncoming car.

KENT — Miss Catherine Posselt, a junior at Bennington College, is currently working in Cambridge at the Peabody Museum during the two months’ work period. She will return to classes in the spring.

25 years ago — 1988
CORNWALL — Nearly 100 townspeople rose to their feet Friday afternoon to approve the United States Constitution — a document that Cornwall’s representative refused to ratify 200 years ago. The special town meeting was well attended despite a heavy snowstorm that forced an early dismissal of Consolidated School students.
It may have been the best documented meeting in Cornwall’s history. In addition to local media, representatives from the Associated Press, The New York Times and WVIT-TV covered the event. Cornwall’s historic meeting appeared on Channel 30 at 6 p.m. Friday.
When the resolution was put to a vote, all but two of Cornwall’s residents — Monte Dunn and Marc Simont — stood to affirm the ratification.

Taken from decades-old Lakeville Journals, these items contain original spellings and phrases.