Turning Back the Pages - November 29

<strong> 100 years ago — November 1912 </strong>

Be Thankful

Because you live in Old Salisbury instead of Turkey.

Because you have a fine and wholesome water supply when many other sections are economizing in this respect.

Because the good sidewalk movement seems to be starting in good earnest.

Because the weather has been mild when coal is scarce in many sections.

Because the town has been free from disastrous fires, epidemics and crime.

Because you have escaped being run over by autos the past summer.

Because work has thus far been plentiful for everyone.

Because business is good and bids fair to continue even in a presidential election year.

Because you have a fair share of good health.

<strong> 50 years ago — November 1962 </strong>

Local beavers are adding insult to injury by adding to the problems of the bankrupt New Haven Railroad. With beaverish persistence the animals keep filling the two culverts that lead Garnett Brook under the tracks in Salisbury. As fast as crewmen free the culverts of sticks and mud the beavers put them back.

Though this nine-mile branch of the old Central New England is up for abandonment the New Haven Railroad has no intention of allowing the beavers to turn it into a lake bottom as yet, and has asked the State of Connecticut to bring in reenforcements in the battle of the beavers. Game wardens are attempting to trap the colony in live traps and remove them to a more suitable site for dam building.

SHARON — The building which houses the Al Jenkins Store, at the head of the Green, catty-corner from the home of Admiral and Mrs. Thomas C. Hart, was purchased on the last day of October by the Admiral. The Harts said on Tuesday that they would “do some painting and repairs, of course,” but otherwise they had no plans for the building except that they would allow Al Jenkins to continue there as long as he wants.

Telephone customers in the Northwest Connecticut area will receive an important change in their telephone service on Sunday, Dec. 9, when some 37,000 telephone users in Torrington, Winsted, Canaan, Lakeville, Norfolk, Cornwall, Litchfield and Sharon will be able to dial their own long distance calls.

<strong> 25 years ago — November 1987 </strong>

A single-engine plane flipped over after landing at the North Canaan Airport Nov. 23. The pilot sustained only minor injuries; the plane was badly damaged.

CANAAN — Bob’s Clothing and Shoes will reopen for business Friday in its own quarters at the corner of Railroad and Main streets. Heavily damaged by a Sept. 15 fire, the store has been completely remodeled.

<em> Items are taken from decades-old Lakeville Journals. </em>