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Letter to the Editor - Millerton News - 6-8-17

Volunteers appreciated

Many thanks to the Irondale Schoolhouse volunteers, “NASCAR” Dave MacMillan and crew, and talented musicians for a wonderful, fun-filled day on Saturday, May 27, at the annual opening of the schoolhouse. 

It was nice to see people “out and about” taking part in this celebration. 

Thank you to all who put the time and effort into such community events.  You each get an A+ in my book.

Diane Walters


Politicizing the EPA website

Dear EarthTalk: I understand that the Trump administration has been busy pulling information about climate change and other environmental issues off of the EPA’s website. What kinds of information and data are no longer accessible?

Jim Harris

Norwalk, Calif.


What is a friend?

The passing of someone close to me and my family recently, someone I have known for more than 60 years, has caused me to reflect on the nature of the layers, classifications if you will, of friendship. Gen, as he was known to my family, was an extraordinary person.

Downside of withdrawing from Paris agreement

Does the United States — arguably the most revered democracy in the free world — really want to share ranks with the likes of Syria and Nicaragua? Well, now that President Donald Trump has pulled this country out of the Paris Climate Accord, it is. Like those two less-developed, and, some might argue, less conscientious nations, the U.S. is now only the third nation to totally reject the historic agreement. 

Our exploration of space: Taking an ax to tomorrow

NASA’s space probe Juno finished its five-year trip last year, going 165,000 m.p.h. while getting to its destination, Jupiter. 

I believe that this amazing accomplishment is one of the two great achievements that show how far we have advanced since the days of the space race and landing on the moon. Overshadowed by the election, this momentous event in scientific history got little attention from the media.

Solar panels that power up but also blend in

Dear EarthTalk: Why do rooftop solar panels have to be so big and unsightly? Are there any better-looking alternatives out there?

Maise Lipscomb

Helena, Mont.


If aesthetics is the reason you’ve been holding off on converting your home to solar power, 2017 just might be the year for you to take the renewables leap. 

Letter to the Editor - Millerton News - 6-1-17

Beware of masked intentions

As a concerned member of this community, I feel it is important to alert residents that a suspicious, tax exempt nonprofit posing as a public interest group has begun operating in our area. It is called Reclaim New York, and its main tactic is to serve governments and school boards with FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) requests, asking for detailed accounts of expenditures. Not responding to a FOIA has resulted in costly lawsuits. In the case of our Webutuck school district, this resulted in three weeks of work to comply.

Making Memorial Day last for more than just a day

Every year, this newspaper covers Memorial Day parades and ceremonies held throughout the Harlem Valley. We intend to continue to do so. But the holiday, known as the unofficial kickoff to the summer season, should provide us with more than just a day off from work or school. It should give us pause, to reflect on what the military does for the American public, day in and day out.

The smartest men and women in the room

There are times when intellect is measured against intellect. In the mid-1800s, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace went head-to-head in determining the origin of life, or as Darwin put it, The Origin of Species. Timing? Wallace was a year ahead of Darwin, writing letters back from halfway around the globe to the National Geographical Society patrons  — who shared them with Darwin. 

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 5-25-17

The red poppy explained


On May 29th we celebrate Memorial Day. And with it, comes the distribution of the red poppy.  Here are a few facts about the red poppy history. 

It has become a nationally recognized symbol of sacrifice worn since the writing of the wartime poem, “In Flanders Fields,” which was  written by Lt. Col. John McCrae, M.D., to honor soldiers fallen in World War I.